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Course type Premium
Course code TTFDOL
Duration 2 Days
Special Notices

This course is delivered as a blended format comprising three parts over a 3 to 4 week period; a live online session with self-paced activities, a two-day classroom event which includes an assessment of the design and storyboard of an eLearning object followed by a final live online session. It is also available as a 5 week tutor supported programme, For details of this programme please contact us.

Blended Classroom components.

Part 1 – Online:

  • Tutor-led live online session (1 hour): ‘Creating Engaging e-Learning’
  • Self-paced activities of review some eLearning examples for inspiration (approx. 1 hour) and preparing your design overview for a work-based project (approx. 1 hour)

Part 2 – Two-day classroom workshop to include:

  • designing to best practice
  • working on scenario example topics
  • storyboarding engaging and effective self-study e-Learning content and assessment

Part 3 – Online

  • Tutor-led live online session (approx. 45 minutes): ‘Steps to Success’ covering peer feedback and to discuss some hints and tips for implementing and evaluating online learning projects

To develop engaging e-learning, L&D professionals require instructional design and storyboarding combined with authoring skills. This combination workshop incorporates e-Learning Design and either Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate.

It will enable the L&D design team with experience of designing or developing in other media to apply their skills to produce e-learning programmes. It includes ensuring the important human element is transferred effectively into online learning and how to create stimulating, engaging and effective e-learning content.

Two of the most popular authoring tools on the market today are Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate. It can be challenging to decide the most appropriate tool for your team and organisation, and this programme includes an optional one-hour tour of both tools, using application-sharing in WebEx, to help make an informed choice.

This blended programme includes online activities (both live session and self-paced), combined with a four-day practical workshop where you will work through the six stages of the development process to produce an e-learning module of approximately 15 minutes.

A blended programme of online activities and a 4-day classroom workshop

  • Part 1 – Tutor-led live online session (1 hour); self-paced online task (3 hours approx.)
  • Part 2 – 4-day classroom workshop to include tutor-led sessions, group and project work
  • Part 3 – Submission of project work for assessment (4 hours approx); tutor-led live online session (1 hour); assessment (approx 2 hours)

This course is also available as a wholly online, tutor-supported programme over 5 weeks comprising a blend of live online sessions, self-paced activities and project work. Please contact us if you are interested in the online 5 week option.

Benefits to the delegate

  • Apply the six stages of the development process for e-learning
  • Design effective and engaging e-learning materials
  • Gain hands-on experience of using an authoring tool
  • Develop technical skills using your chosen authoring tool

Benefits to the organisation

  • Enables an informed procurement decision on the choice of authoring software - a key decision factor in successful organisational e-learning
  • Builds internal capability to create and maintain high-quality e-learning content rather than resource externally
  • The combination course offers cost-effective acquisition of e-learning design skills and IT software skills together
  • Provides extensive hands-on practice, ensuring practical application to create reusable learning objects

TAP Certifications

Due to their unique range and scope, TAP Qualifications provide individuals and organisations with a means to develop a career pathway based on achieving Certification of Learning and Development skills. This Certificate delivers a competency set aligned to the relevant L&D Standards published by The British Institute for Learning & Development.

British Institute for Learning and Development (the Institute)

The Institute is the awarding body for all certificates and diplomas issued under the Training Accreditation Programme (TAP®). On completion of this course delegates can apply for membership. Please see more about the Institute’s membership benefits, fees and application guidelines here www.theBILD.org.

Prerequisites and audience

The maximum group size ensures that we can offer sufficient support and give meaningful feedback on intensive project work. No prior experience is required as the elements of this combined course are introductory level. From an IT perspective, you’ll need to be comfortable working in a Windows environment and with using Office applications such as PowerPoint.

Course objectives and assessment

  • Create a detailed storyboard for an e-learning object to meet the TAP e-Learning Design Profile
  • Experiment with an authoring tool to produce three slides of a storyboard
  • Upload a project to the course online forum for peer review

Competencies delegates will develop

Analysing stage

  • Establishing the current situation and the role e-learning will play in a blended solution
  • Writing learning objectives and planning assessments

Designing stage

  • Structuring and designing appropriate, effective learner-centred activities to meet the analysis

Storyboarding stage

  • Write a detailed storyboard to include the on-screen text, images, instructions and interaction for each slide

Developing stage

  • Developing an example storyboard using an authoring tool to include:
  • Creating new projects: working with templates, navigation and master templates
  • Inserting content to slides: text, images, characters, audio, video
  • Adding interaction: rollovers, hotspots, buttons, quizzes, buttons, branching
  • Working with the timeline to add animation
  • Recording a variety of IT simulations and adding effective learner-centred interaction
  • Publishing projects: enabling tracking and reporting with an LMS and to different formats

Implementing stage

  • Considering key factors for rolling out projects and piloting to an appropriate audience

Evaluating stage

  • Establishing appropriate ways to measure the success of a project

Successful completion and assessment leads to the TAP Certificate in e-Learning Design, and TAP Certification in the authoring software

Premium Course

2 Days

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Delivery method


Face-to-face learning in the comfort of our quality nationwide centres, with free refreshments and Wi-Fi.

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