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Course type Premium
Course code TTFDW
Duration 2 Days

The language we use, whether written or verbal, must communicate the message effectively. Any piece of digital content should engage the audience from the beginning to ensure the message is delivered and the goal of the message is met for whichever purpose.

Delegates will refresh their knowledge and application of some basic rules of language. They will learn best practice tips for writing digital content when used as part of a communication campaign such as blog posts, product information, instructional guides, social status updates, responding to comments and spoken communication.

Delegates will work through five key elements to writing effective online content. These elements will help them engage the reader through storytelling, personality, planning, structure, and adapting language style for any digital content in their campaigns.

They will apply these steps to their own campaign project; feedback will be provided throughout from the course facilitator and from course colleagues.


To the delegate

  • Learn strategies to engage the online audience
  • Ensure that the digital content is well structured
  • Review current level of writing techniques
  • Adapt language for a variety of digital content
  • Respond appropriately to audience comments
  • Apply the techniques and receive feedback on your own digital project
  • Build confidence by achieving Certification in Digital Writing Skills

To the organisation

  • Ensures that digital content is written effectively for different purposes in a campaign
  • Applies a consistent approach to effective digital writing
  • Builds trust in the quality assurance of digital content created by the organisation
  • Maintains audience engagement with the online content on the organisations communication platform

Who is it for?

L&D professionals who are required to write and quality audit digital content

Course objectives and assessment

Write two pieces of digital content for a campaign of your choice to meet the Digital Writing Skills Profile

Leading to the TAP Certificate in Digital Writing Skills

Course outline

Day 1 - Morning

  • Start-up
  • Storytelling
  • Personality
  • Language for the online audience

Day 1 - Afternoon

  • Planning
  • Structure

Evening work

Day 2 - Morning

  • Review
  • Writing online content
  • Quality assure content

Day 2 - Afternoon

  • Project work and assessment
  • Course close

Module outline


  • Establishing the importance of storytelling in business and learning
  • Defining the elements of a story

2.Online personality

  • Determining the importance of personality with perception
  • Defining online personas of you and the audience
  • Determining the language style for the online audience
  • Adapting personality styles

3.Planning the digital copy

  • Analysing the audience
  • Establishing the purpose
  • Determining the type of content
  • Defining the AIDA model

4.Structuring the content

  • Organising the content
  • Structuring sentences and paragraphs for online content
  • Applying grammar and punctuation

5.Writing digital content

  • Determining best practice tips for writing different online content
  • Applying principles to example content
  • Quality assuring online content

6.Applying the principles to project work

  • Completing work-based project
  • Giving feedback to others
Premium Course

2 Days

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Delivery method


Face-to-face learning in the comfort of our quality nationwide centres, with free refreshments and Wi-Fi.

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