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Duration 2 Days
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Participants will cover everything they need to get started with developing their own content. Very hands-on, these workshops enable delegates to practise their new skills and learn how to get the best from their selected authoring tool. This course covers Articulate Storyline, if you require Adobe Captivate 8 please click here.

If the L&D team has not yet selected the tool it intends to use, attendance on both workshops will enable an informed decision to be made

This course introduces Articulate Storyline and provides the delegate with everything they need to get started with developing their own e-Learning content. This course is very practical and delegates will develop an example eLearning module from start to finish.

This gives the opportunity to experience all the development stages in order from setting up a template, adding content through to finally publishing.

TAP Certification

Due to their unique range and scope, TAP Qualifications provide individuals and organisations with a means to develop a career pathway based on achieving Certification of Learning and Development skills.

Prerequisites and audience

As this is an introductory level course, no previous experience of working with Articulate Storyline is required. Being comfortable working in a Windows
PC environment with an application, such as PowerPoint, would be advantageous. There is no requirement for coding or programming experience

Delegates will learn how to

Delegates develop a working Articulate Storyline project using the practice content provided to meet the set criteria.

Competencies delegates will develop

1. Creating a new project

  • Setting up the interface design with company branding
  • Selecting navigation controls
  • Working with themes and templates

2. Adding content

  • Inserting text captions and speechbubbles
  • Adding images, characters and using the library
  • Using branching for scenarios
  • Recording voiceovers
  • Embedding videos
  • Using slides
  • Working with markers and hotspots

3. Working with timeline and animation

  • Adding effects onto objects
  • Working with the timeline
  • Working with buttons, triggers and layers

4. Creating quizzes and assessments

  • Inserting question slides
  • Adding feedback and a scores page
  • Working with freeform drag and drop questions

5. Recording IT simulations

  • Recording IT simulations using the four different modes

6. Publishing projects

  • Creating a table of contents
  • Setting options for tracking and reporting with an LMS
  • Publishing to different formats
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2 Days

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Delivery method


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