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Duration 1 Day

In your business, how do you ensure that you have the skills in place to deliver current and planned capability?
To manage skills effectively, you need a standard vocabulary for describing competencies, together with a methodology for determining the skills required for particular job functions. This practical workshop offers an opportunity to practice key aspects of skills management and learn about the most popular UK skills framework, SFIA.

SFIA®, Skills Framework for the Information Age®, provides a common reference model for identifying the skills needed to develop and deliver effective IT and business change services. SFIA skill descriptions are based on defined levels of broad responsibility, rather than narrow expertise. Role profiles based on SFIA provide objective benchmarks for managing the development and deployment of technical and non-technical staff.

However, a framework like SFIA is not 'plug and play' by nature. Implementing SFIA requires user organisations to understand how it works, what it provides and what it doesn't.

This workshop combines presentation and discussion with practical exercises, to cover skills framework-based activities such as analysing job-roles and job-families, planning an assessment programme and, finally, aligning learning solutions which are relevant and which genuinely raise capability.

Exercises are conducted as group-work with facilitated reviews.

Target Audience:

  • Those responsible for skills development, who need a common language and system of measurement, in which to express requirements and base shared decisions.
  • Line managers, Learning & Development professionals and Human Resources partners, who wish to use SFIA to ensure that the necessary skills are in place to meet the capability requirements of the organisation

Delegates will learn how to

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Decide when SFIA is relevant in a specific skills management situation
  • Apply SFIA to job roles and job families, by constructing skills-profiles
  • Validate and extend skills-profiles with credentials and wider competencies
  • Select an appropriate approach to assessing individuals' development needs
  • Map relevant learning solutions against specific skills to be developed


Skills management

  • Introduction to skills and competency frameworks
  • Introduction to SFIA
  • Complementary frameworks

Skills, competencies and job roles

  • Role Profiles as the keystone feature of skills management
  • Benchmarking levels - expressing levels of ability and competency
  • Creating role profiles - professional, personal and technical aspects
  • Making it work: context, risks and methodology

Skills assessment

  • Assuring capability of individual and team
  • Types of evidence: trust vs. proof
  • Planning and managing assessment

Skills development

  • Business capabilities
  • Learnable skills - 'Disaggregation' of SFIA descriptions
  • Mapping development solutions
Specialist Course

1 Day

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Delivery method


Face-to-face learning in the comfort of our quality nationwide centres, with free refreshments and Wi-Fi.

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