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Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring is a powerful enabler of organisational performance improvement. QA's coaching and mentoring experts encourage the development of a wide range of approaches to equip the coach to work in a way that is skilful, authentic and most effective.

Comparison of Key Courses and Qualifications

ILM Level 3 Award

Technical IT
  • 5 workshop days
  • 25 weeks duration
  • Minimum 6 hours coaching
  • Self study - reflection notes
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ILM Level 5 Certificate

Business Skills
  • 8 workshop days
  • 43 weeks duration
  • Minimum 18 hours coaching
  • Self study - 3 assignments
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QA/OCM Certificate

Business Applications
  • Foundation level
  • 1 workshop day
  • 6 hours phone supervision
  • 25 weeks duration
  • Minimum 20 hours coaching
  • Self study - 6 reflection notes
  • 180 feedback
  • Personal learning plan
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All Courses and Qualifications

ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring

8 Days

QA/OCM Foundation Certificate in Coach-Mentoring

1 Day

Benefits of Qualification

A CIPD study in 2004 found that 99% of 500 respondents agree that coaching can:

  1. Increase awareness of resources
  2. Produce enhanced ROI
felt that coaching and mentoring are key to transferring new skills
agreed that coaching and mentoring can positively impact the bottom line
agreed that it was an effective way to embed learning in the business

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