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Duration 5 Days

The course is intended to build on the knowledge from the BRMP qualfication and allow delegates to acquire additional information, knowledge and skills in order to practice this discipline within their organisations

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Delegates will learn how to

The candidate will demonstrate deep understanding and ability to perform the Strategic BRM role. Specifically, the candidate will:

  • Explain the purpose and objectives of the Strategic BRM role and how to optimally position that role for maximum effectiveness within the enterprise.
  • Apply the Strategic Relationship Management processes and techniques to build and sustain trust relationships spanning Business Partner and Provider networks.
  • Be able to influence executive leaders in their use of Provider Capabilities and Assets based upon potential business value and alignment with business strategy.
  • Promote business innovation in the Provider’s sphere of influence.
  • Be able to assess Provider Capability Maturity and identify key areas needing improvement.
  • Be able to assess Business Demand Maturity and how this might evolve over time.
  • Be able to use the Business Value Management process, techniques and metrics to define, realize, and optimize the value of Provider capabilities and assets leveraging trust relationships.
  • Shape strategic agendas for optimum business value, with due consideration of external compliance requirements and potential risks to the business.
  • Understand the implications of Lean/Agile methods for the BRM role and capability.
  • Influence the development and deployment of available Provider capabilities based upon business need and potential to enable or create business value.
  • Apply Business Capability Management to determine and acquire enabling capabilities pursuant to strategic outcomes.
  • Contribute to Business Transition Management in order to foster organizational understanding, support, adoption, and business value results of investments in new business capabilities.
  • Apply Business Partner Experience Management so as to foster a positive Business Partner perception of Provider capabilities as an essential element of building and sustaining trust relationships.
  • Use their personal power and influence to build business relationships and foster a culture that excels at business value results.
  • Apply cross-organization communication techniques to clearly articulate real Provider/Business value delivered to the organization


The following areas are covered on the QACBRM course:

  • Module 1 - Course introduction
  • Module 2 - BRM Maturity and Value
  • Module 3 - Assessing the BRM Context
  • Module 4 - Developing Strategic Relationships
  • Module 5 - Optimising Business Value
  • Module 6 - Course Summary and CBRM Exam preparations

Note: This course is very practical and will contain a lots of delegate interaction and participation.

BRM® Certification Maintenance and Renewal Requirements
To maintain their CBRM certification, BRM practitioners are required to continuously develop and update their professional and interpersonal skills. To promote the ongoing learning and help track individual professional development progress, a Professional Development Units (PDU) based tracking scheme is incorporated in the CBRM certification lifecycle.

CBRM certification is granted for a 3-year period over which the certification holders are required to:

Complete the minimum of 40 PDUs every year (120 PDUs total over the 3-year certification period).
Pay the Certification Maintenance Fee (CMF) of $85 on the third anniversary of their CBRM certification. The CMF fee is waived for current Professional BRMI members.

A comprehensive listing of approved professional development activities and their PDU values will be provided and maintained by BRMI. The list will include general education as well as role-specific educational and volunteering activities to promote well-rounded professional development as well as leadership and interpersonal skills among the CBRM certification holders.

Certification Maintenance Fee
The money received through payment of the $85 Certification Maintenance Fee will be used to cover administrative costs associated with maintaining and auditing the required records. BRMI will provide an online CMF payment functionality, but CBRM certification holders will also have an option of mailing the payment by check, along with the proof of their PDU credits.

CBRM Certification Status Review, Renewal, Suspension and Revocation
It is the responsibility of the CBRM certification holders to track the anniversaries and expiration date of their CBRM certification. No later than 30 days prior their CBRM certification expiration, the certification holders will be required to pay the CMF fee and submit a copy of the CMF payment receipt together with their PDU records via email, fax, or by mail to BRMI using the email address or fax number provided by the Institute. BRMI shall review the submissions within 15 business days (3 weeks) and perform one of the following four actions:

1. Confirm CBRM certification renewal for another 3-year period.
2. Mark the certification as “Review” pending collection of additional [missing] information or pending audit of the submitted documentation.
3. If the certification holder fails to provide the requested information or otherwise satisfy BRMI requests within the 30 days period of the formal request notice, the CBRM certification will be put on “Suspended” status.
4. If CBRM certification holder fails to submit the required PDU records, does not pay CMF, or fails to respond to BRMI requests for additional information during the review process, his or her certification shall be marked as “Expired” 30 days/1 month after the certification has been marked as “Suspended.”
APMG shall issue a renewed 3-year CBRM certificate for those CBRM certification holders whose credentials have been successfully renewed.

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