About this Course

One day instructor led workshop is aimed at putting into practice the learnings from the course ‘T60400 Using Selenium’.
This workshop extends the hands-on learning from the Using Selenium course. It leads the student through a series of project-type exercises that build directly on the learnings from the earlier course. The student faces a series of technical challenges that gradually gorw in complexity, and allow an opportunity to apply to a realistic situation the knowledge gained in the T60400 Using Selenium course.
This workshop has been designed to complement the T60400 Using Selenium course. Students are likely to gain the most benefit by attending this workshop immediately after the course.

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Detailed Information

This one day course naturally follows on from the course T60400 Using Selenium, and covers the following:
Brief recap of areas covered within T60400 Using Selenium course
Salient areas covered by introductory course including:

  •  WebDriver
  •  Data driving
  •  Debugging Activities
  •  Page Object Model
  •  Object Recognition
  •  Behaviour Driven Development

Create a new Selenium test
Students will record a new test within the Selenium IDE, export the test into Java, load this test into a new Java Project within Eclipse and get it to run successfully.
Convert to Page Objects
Students are reintroduced to the concept of reusable Page Objects. They will need to refactor their code to replace hard-coded object references with more highly maintainable Page Objects.
Add an assert check
Students will recall that a test must include a check, or assertion and will add an assert to their existing automation script
Page Objects
Students are reintroduced to the concept of reusable Page Objects. They are led through an exercise where they refactor their code to replace hard-coded object references with more highly maintainable Page Objects.
Data Driving
This exercise is used as the basis of delivering a series of increasingly complex coding exercises, at a pace that a typical student will be comfortable with.
The exercise addresses the following concepts:

  •  Generation and evaluation of coding options to solve a coding problem
  •  Good coding practice regarding modifying existing code
  •  Comparison of student’s code with a standard answer
  •  Recommended practice regarding avoiding unnecessary coding complexity
  •  Expansion of test coverage through data driving the script
  •  Refactoring of code for robustness and simplicity
  •  Creativity and thinking out of the box when scripting
  •  Anticipating the business likely future requirements, and how this may affect the solution

The student will need to record results to Excel, to provide a permanent record of a test run, thus allowing better visibility of the automation suite and greater value to management.

Attendance of the course ‘T60400 Using Selenium’.
Students will be expected to bring their manual from ‘T60400 Using Selenium’.

On completion of the Using Selenium Practical Workshop, delegates will be able to more easily put into practice the learnings from the T60400 Using Selenium course.

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