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Code TPQ31150
Duration 2 Days

Agile approaches and methods are growing in popularity with project teams. But where does the business analyst fit in? The Certified Agile Business Analysis (CABA) course presents practices and tools for BAs working in or moving to Agile projects. While the BA will find it is easy to migrate their core analysis skills of critical analysis, change management and articulation to Agile projects, adopting to the new work and delivery methods Agile approaches advocate will feel alien. The course is directly mapped to the activities, tasks and skills defined in the Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide published by the IIBA® (July 2013) and developed in partnership with the Agile Alliance. The Agile Alliance says, “The Agile Extension helps business analysts deliver business knowledge to Agile developers quickly and effectively.”

Delegates will learn how to

Identify the role of the business analyst in Agile software development projects Participate in Agile teams developing software Articulate the BA’s responsibilities to both the enterprise and the Agile team Understand the BA’s contribution to the Agile process analysis frameworks Identify BA specific techniques that contribute to the delivery of artefacts that add value to the enterprise initiating Agile projects Appreciate the importance of, and how to contribute to, continuous improvement through retrospectives


This two day course will cover: Business Analysis, Agile and common Agile approaches BA roles in Agile projects The Agile BA Discovery and Delivery frameworks See the whole Think as a customer Determine what’s of value Get real with examples Understand what’s doable Stimulate collaboration and continuous improvement Avoid waste What next for BAs Concepts and Terminology Agile extension Agile Manifesto Agile roles Agile’s 12 principles BABOK® Backlog management Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) Business capability Business value definition Collaborative games Delivery framework Discovery framework Extreme Programming (XP) Feature injection Just In Time (JIT) Kanban Kano Last responsible moment Lean Minimum Marketable Features (MMF) MoSCoW Personas Product backlog Product owner Relative estimation Retrospectives Scrum Sprint backlog Story boarding Story decomposition Story mapping Story points Value stream mapping Velocity

2 Days


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