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Duration 1 Day

These ½ day workshops are aimed at anyone over 50 (but particularly 50-55) and will equip delegates to plan a financial strategy for their future. They take a concentrated look at the big financial decisions individuals have to make, set in the context of the new options available and in the context of the retirement lifestyle they want to have. We help delegates create a forward plan and to build an extended to-do list of actions specific to their wider finances.

The pitfalls and opportunities brought about by pension freedom will have an impact on a wide range of financial decisions for anyone 50+. Should they access a lump sum and clear their mortgage? Where should they be investing their pension savings? Pension freedom is about much more than what happens at the point of retirement.

These workshops are particularly relevant to the 50-55 age group because with pension funds being accessible from age 55 it is important to understand early the pros and cons of withdrawing money, the impact on eventual retirement income and the ability to retire when you want to.

Also, around ages 50 to 55 thoughts of retirement become more real and it is a good time to take stock while there is still time to make changes to increase retirement funds.

The aim of the workshop is to ensure delegates:

  • are given sufficient knowledge to inspire further confidence when it comes to making the key decisions related to their 'financial strategy' for retirement
  • start to create a forward plan and build an extended 'to-do' list of actions specific to their finances and to do this in the context of considering the retirement lifestyle they want
  • are in a position to have informed discussions and get what they need should they make use of a financial adviser

Note that the terms : retirement financial education, financial planning for retirement, pension freedom will also often be used interchangeably to describe this type of course.

Delegates will learn how to

  • To enable delegates to make balanced financial decisions
  • To help delegates to prioritise their financial needs
  • To help delegates to review their current financial arrangements and to understand the risks to their finances
  • To help delegates understand the options they have for their pension pots and other investments, in a world of Pension Freedom
  • To explore the options around their property, e.g. equity release.
  • To explore the financial considerations of what delegates would like to leave behind as a legacy
  • To help delegates construct a 'To do' list specific to their finances
  • To enable delegates to have informed discussions and get what they need should they make use of a financial adviser
  • To explain typical services available to help them using Jelf as an example


At the end of the workshop delegates will have considered, as a minimum:

  • How best to approach making logical financial decisions and removing emotion from this process,
  • A staged approach to prioritising what they want to achieve,
  • Their existing choices and preferences, as well as the risks associated,
  • Taxation implications at a more detailed level,
  • The variety of options, simple and complex, in a world of Pension Freedom
  • The decisions, myths and common mistakes linked to investment,
  • Options around their property including a detailed look at equity release,
  • The financial impacts of ill-health and long term care, and
  • What they might want to leave behind including a detailed look at Inheritance Tax and the use of trusts.

The workshop is an educational event conducted by a finance professional from Jelf, specialising in employee benefits, rather than a Financial Adviser; and there will be no attempt to sell financial services to delegates, although delegates may request follow up contacts and support if they so wish.

1 Day


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Delivery Method

Delivery method


Face-to-face learning in the comfort of our quality nationwide centres, with free refreshments and Wi-Fi.

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