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Duration 1 Day

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot.' -”
― Michael Altshuler

Have you been trying to improve your time management skills and personal productivity? Do you feel like you are still missing some key techniques to be more efficient?

Learning how to budget your time wisely and effectively will help you to rethink and reprioritise at a moment’s notice. People often ask us:

  • How do I manage my workload?
  • How do I deal with conflicting priorities?
  • How do I find the approach that works for me?
  • How do I make effective use of my time?

Our Performance Based Learning Course will help you better organise your work and time, making you more productive and reducing your stress levels.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your workload add this workshop to your to do list!

Target audience

This course is aimed at those people who are wanting to generally improve their time management skills.

What's Included

QA offers more benefits. Here is what's included with this course:

Pre-Course Reading


Before you attend the one day workshop, you’ll be asked to complete the online learning, which covers key ideas and models for improving your time and work management. This will take you about 6 hours, which you can complete in bite-size chunks in advance of the workshop.

The online learning will also ask you to keep a log of your activities over a three day period, as well as have a one-to-one with your line manager before attending the workshop to help you focus on the learning you need to gain from the programme.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify your weak spots in time management to minimise their impact
  • Make sound decisions based on your preferences
  • Plan and prioritise
  • Practically apply time management tools and techniques
  • Deal effectively with time wasting factors, interruptions and distractions
  • Practice delegating effectively

What will the course cover?

Online Learning - In the online learning you’ll learn they key principles around:

  • Analysing your work and priorities
  • Planning your work
  • Organising for efficiency
  • Time wasting factors
  • Dealing with interruptions
  • Delegation
  • Workshop outline

On the highly interactive workshop, you’ll put the ideas from the online learning into practice, focusing on:

  • Personal preferences in managing your time
  • Planning your work
  • Organising for efficiency
  • Time wasting factors
  • Delegation

1 Day


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Delivery Method

Delivery method

Classroom / Attend from Anywhere

Receive classroom training at one of our nationwide training centres, or attend remotely via web access from anywhere.

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