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Duration 1 Day

Strategic marketing focuses on how to develop competitive advantage through the drivers of shareholder value. Delivering value to your business requires insight into your changing marketplace and decisions regarding how to match your organisation's distinctive capabilities with value opportunities. Being able to do this is the key for many marketers to increase their influence in the organisation.

Benefits to you and your company
This course will help executives appreciate the difference between a tactical and strategic approach to marketing. Delegates will leave equipped with a strategic framework and an understanding of the key marketing activities that drive value.

Through many relevant examples and models, your executives will be able to contribute more effectively to the strategic planning processes in your business.

Who should attend?
This course is designed for managers and executives, irrespective of function, who are new to or have limited experience of the subject. It provides an introduction and overview of the key issues in longer-term strategic marketing decision-making.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Identify the distinctive characteristics, role and activities of strategic marketing.
  • Describe and evaluate a strategic business portfolio using 'portfolio analysis'.
  • Assemble the essential elements of strategy into a cohesive one page strategy statement.
  • Critically assess an example strategic marketing plan.
  • Recognise some of the issues likely to be met when introducing strategic marketing into an organisation and identify the ways by which they might be overcome.
  • Facilitate the strategic marketing planning process in your own organisation.


  • Marketing and corporate performance: how marketing affects profitability, profit impact of marketing strategy (PIMS), and the survival matrix.
  • Strategic marketing planning: a decision-making process for generating a strategic change perspective, what it is and how it relates to corporate planning and marketing operations and tactics.
  • Strategic analysis, the marketing audit and portfolio analysis, including multi-factor analysis and application.
  • Growth strategy including market penetration, marketing development, new product development and diversification.
  • The process of competitive advantage and brand position development.
  • How to critically assess a strategic marketing plan.
  • Implementation issues and the process of strategic planning.

Delivery style
This course provides a clear strategic framework and allows you to apply the principles presented to a case situation and in your own organisation. It will reinforce your learning in a fun and interactive environment, making application easier back at work. Delegates will be given an actual strategic marketing plan and asked to assess it prior to the course and this is discussed on the day.

1 Day


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Delivery Method

Delivery method


Face-to-face learning in the comfort of our quality nationwide centres, with free refreshments and Wi-Fi.

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