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Duration 1 Day

Those in a marketing role are often expected to take responsibility for market research without a clear specification of what is involved. This course provides a structured and practical guide to undertaking a research project in-house or commissioning an outside agency. Delegates will gain confidence in assessing what is realistic to deliver and understand the options in terms of how information needs can best be met.

Benefits to you and your company
Market research offers a systematic way of understanding customer needs and identifying how best to align the organisation with the expectations of the target customer base. This workshop will lead to successful application of market research techniques to assist in management decisions for the organisation. A planned and systematic approach to market research will contribute to the development of the organisation's overall strategy.

Who should attend?
This workshop is primarily for those who wish to commission research or are now expected to conduct research themselves in-house. This may be a marketing manager, a business analyst, a marketing communications executive, or a recently appointed marketing executive new to market research and needing to understand what market research is all about.

Delegates will learn how to

Successful oucomes depend on a clear brief, appropriate methodology and asking the right questions of the right people.This course will focus on the following:

  • Understand the 10 steps of a market research project.
  • Write an effective research brief.
  • Undertake desk research to uncover existing information.
  • Manage your relationship with external agencies.
  • Choose between alternative methodologies.
  • Select and evaluate an appropriate sample.
  • Construct an effective questionnaire.
  • Analyse the data outputs.
  • Draw conclusions and make recommendations.


The course provides a framework for planning and execution of a market research project. This includes:

  • Research specification - writing a research brief.
  • Desk research - sources of information online/offline.
  • Methodologies to consider - face to face interviews, focus groups, telephone interviews, self-complete questionnaires, omnibus surveys, panels etc.
  • Sampling techniques.
  • Questionnaire design.
  • Data analysis.
  • Drawing conclusions from research.

Delivery style
The training is highly participative and will use an example from the delegate's own organisation to develop a research brief, explore sources of information and consider the optimal methodology. Learning will be supported by reference to past real-world examples drawn from both B2B and consumer markets.

1 Day


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Delivery method


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