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Duration 1 Day

As e-commerce matures and customers are trained by your competitors to expect more, marketing and commercial professionals must be able to satisfy customers whilst also increasing profits.

Ian Jindal, a thought-leader in e-commerce, heads up this course examining online merchandising. This course takes a whole-business approach to the art of selling online, from promises made to customers, right through to post-purchase selling.


This intensive course covers the entire breadth of online selling - from product selection and presentation, through search, sorting, filtering and promotions, to an introduction of advanced rule-based merchandising. We will also consider product-specific presentation needs and the test-measure-optimise approach to selling.

The day considers selling 'in the round': from the promises made to customers through to post-purchase selling. We also place online selling in the context of offline selling (store, catalogue and telephone) as well as within a performance framework, suggesting some KPIs to assess progress.

The multichannel, commercial approach will allow participants to communicate the benefits of a whole-business approach to selling online, as well as measuring and sharing the success.

Course Requirements: Use of a laptop or tablet is optional.


Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for anyone interested in improving their approach to selling effectiveness online. Examples include: senior marketers responsible for the sales performance of the e-commerce channel; online merchandisers interested in planning for increased sales effectiveness; offline merchandisers looking to understand the capabilities and demands of modern online selling and systems; or heads of e-commerce looking to lead team improvements in selling.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Specify, plan and implement rules-based online selling; testing, measuring and improving performance.
  • Understand and be able to apply a KPI/performance-led approach to selling
  • Place online selling in the context of multichannel selling, communicating your channel's needs and benefits to colleagues in your business.


Introduction to Online Merchandising

  • The essential problems to solve in online merchandising
  • Getting the products to the web - data, planning, ranging, preparation - 'ready and available to sell'
  • Basic presentation - search, filter, sort orders, promotion - and the opportunities and problems presented
  • Data requirements - product information management, imagery, attributes, metadata and the complexities of structured products, selling groups and configuration
  • Promotional strategies and their demands on online merchandising systems
  • Integration with offline promotional activity

Key Metrics and Performance Indicators

  • A review of the traditional metrics for stock and sales performance and their applicability to online
  • Online-only metrics
  • Key Performance Indicators

Advanced Online Merchandising Techniques and Considerations

  • Rule-based or algorithmic systems
  • Behavioural profiling to drive rules
  • Use of personae
  • A:B testing in online merchandising

The Online Merchandising Ecosystem

  • Interaction of Online Merchandising with SEO and PPC
  • Interaction of Online Merchandising with the affiliate channel
  • Interaction of Online Merchandising with behavioural/profiling systems
  • Interaction of rules with imaging systems and presentation options
  • Cross-channel implications - merchandising rules based on stock availability, store stock, virtual stock and quality of service.

1 Day


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Delivery method


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