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Code TP297
Duration 3 Days

A great customer experience can lead to significant increases in conversion, repeat custom, loyalty and advocacy. This course will not only help you articulate the business case for a customer experience (or UX) focus in your business, but will provide you with the knowledge and experience to go about producing exceptional customer experiences.

It is three-day intensive programmes offering you a deep dive into specific digital disciplines. With content drawn from our academically accredited digital certificates, the Masterclasses offer practical training without the need for long-term commitment.


  • Are led by practitioner trainers
  • Include access to resources to support the training
  • Allow delegates to implement and evaluate what they've learnt through optional 'homework' and trainer feedback after training
  • Lead to an Econsultancy certificate of completion


Who Should Attend?

Masterclasses are ideal for professional marketers with a good understanding of digital who are looking to develop a new skillset or deepen their knowledge in a particular discipline.

They are also ideal for teams embarking on a new project where it's important everyone approaches the work with a thorough understanding.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Understand the essential elements and benefits of delivering an enhanced customer (user) experience
  • Understand the appropriate techniques required to deliver real insight in order to define customer wants, needs and expectations
  • Define a customer (user) experience plan including goals and metrics
  • Understand the essential bedrocks of delivering an excellent and optimised end to end customer journey: usability and persuasion
  • Undertake basic research and evaluation to improve customer insight, validate information coming from other sources, and assess designs and interfaces for online interaction


There is a large practical component to this course that will allow you to produce a concrete and tangible plan that could be implemented back in the office.

Day one


  • What is customer experience, why is it important?
  • User centred design - a framework for delivering enhanced customer experience

Bedrocks and 'rules' for customer experience

  • What usability really is, what good customer experience looks like
  • The fundamentals of delivering good usability and interaction
  • Design patterns - shortcuts for specification and evaluation

Beyond usability - reducing procrastination, stimulating action

  • Does persuasion fit ethically with creating a good customer experience?
  • Designing for persuasion
  • Designing for emotion

An introduction to user-centred design

  • Key principles
  • How it fits with standard development practices

Practical(s): Evaluating sites and services against best practice principles

Day two

Customer experience strategy

  • Setting appropriate goals
  • Setting appropriate metrics

Customer and design research

  • Fundamentals of what good (and bad) customer research looks like
  • Exploring the range of research methodologies from qualitative to quantitative
  • Pros and cons of various research techniques

Introduction to behavioural user testing

  • The range of methods & techniques (face to face to remote)
  • The range of platforms (desktop, smartphone, tablet, offline)
  • Planning, executing and analysing user testing

Practical: Testing and interviewing try-outs

Day three

Developing and using design and experience tools

  • Personas
  • Mental models
  • Scenarios and user flows/journey maps

Developing and information architecture

  • Developing overall information structures and flow
  • Content analysis and vocabulary control
  • Testing and refining IA and organisation

Designing the experience

  • Ideation techniques
  • Developing prototypes
  • Interaction design principles

Practical(s): Developing key design tools and prototypes of your site/service

3 Days


This is a QA approved partner course

Delivery Method

Delivery method


Face-to-face learning in the comfort of our quality nationwide centres, with free refreshments and Wi-Fi.

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