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Code TP20
Duration 1 Day

As customers connect with brands across multiple channels, both on and offline, marketers are being required to plan around these connected users and place data at the heart of their activity.

This course will outline how you can put the customer at the centre and make a case for joined-up business, marketing and comms. Emerge with new frames of reference that will inform your day to day activity and empower you in your marketing career.


Digital media strategy, buying and creativity are central to marketing and over the course of the day, you'll cover the ideas, principles and techniques that contribute to those disciplines. You'll address:

  • Effectiveness thinking
  • Data driven planning
  • Sources of insight
  • Strategic models
  • Testing approaches
  • Ways to work with creative agencies across bought, owned and earned media


Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for those charged with acquiring customers online or building brand awareness via advertising campaigns.

Relevant job roles include all marketing managers, brand managers, digital marketing and campaign managers, agency account handlers, and marketing executives.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Understand the key marketing trends reshaping digital business
  • Understand insights, strategy, planning and buying
  • Organise your teams for success
  • Understand how to set up the right testing methods and the appropriate team skills
  • Brief creative teams and work with agencies to improve creative effectiveness over time


  • Digital media planning in context
  • Beyond clicks - effectiveness and modern integrated marketing
  • Where digital media differs and where it's the same
  • Audience behaviour online: penetration rates, trends and challenges
  • Online spend, so who's spending how much and on what?


  • Models for thinking - how to think integrated modern marketing, not just 'digital' marketing
  • How to find insights that work in the digital space
  • The planning process - decision journeys, customer needs, barriers to response, audience behaviours, audience actions
  • Recommendation - planning to build your brand and drive recommendations, not just clicks
  • Sources of data to inform your decision-making

Test and learn

  • The right team and skills
  • Test structures and optimisation for both brand and sales
  • The right processes to optimise and grow
  • Holistic analytics, data planning and ROI

Channel planning

  • The roles of different channels and how audiences behave with them
  • Selecting the right channels, formats and placements for your campaign

Creative and content

  • Being interesting: how to brief and develop creative
  • Content frameworks, personalisation and technology
  • Bought, Owned and Earned media and content

1 Day


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Delivery Method

Delivery method


Face-to-face learning in the comfort of our quality nationwide centres, with free refreshments and Wi-Fi.

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