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Course code TP1153
Duration 1 Day

This workshop is designed to give you the ability and confidence to utilise basic mathematical and statistical procedures so you can contribute more fully to defining and delivering organisational objectives. It's designed to help you collect, process, analyse and utilise quantitative data and derive information more efficiently and effectively. With increasing pressure on budgets, it will help you to better justify plans and quantify results.

Benefits to you and your company
Having learnt the key financial, mathematical and statistical techniques that will enable you to produce more quantitatively oriented plans, strategies and tactics, you'll feel more comfortable liaising with more quantitatively oriented colleagues, and fluency in the language of business, ie the numbers, will grow. Your organisation should see its marketer(s) becoming more focused, analytical and credible in an increasingly numbers-oriented world.

Who should attend?
This workshop has been specifically designed for marketers and those in related functions who know deep down that their quantitative skills 'leave a lot to be desired' and want to do something about it. It will also appeal to people wanting to better utilise Excel® and in particular its Data Analysis Toolpak add-in.

* You need to be a competent Excel® user to enrol on this workshop!

Delegates will learn how to

  • Understand and use key financial terminology in order to speak the same language as your CFO and CEO.
  • Conduct a Pareto Analysis (80:20) on a customer and/or product database.
  • Use basic descriptive statistics (eg mean, median, mode) to describe data and turn it into information.
  • Use basic inferential statistics to establish correlations and cause and effect.
  • Calculate the break-even point on projects including the development and launch of new products.
  • Determine the bottom line impact of marketing activities, including product and price changes.
  • Quick maths techniques to impress colleagues.
  • Basic business maths refresher (basic arithmetic, percentages, averages…).


  • Back to basics - business maths refresher.
  • Quick maths - useful tricks of the trade for getting quick answers.
  • The use of information technology in quantitative marketing (especially Excel®).
  • Installing the Data Analysis Toolpak add-in and Excel® fundamentals.
  • Marketing research fundamentals within context of quantitative marketing.
  • Key financial statistics/metrics, eg gross profit, margin, mark-up etc.
  • Profitable customers, products, services (the Pareto or 80:20 Law).
  • Basic descriptive statistics (measures of central tendency and dispersion).
  • Basic inferential statistics (making inferences about a population based on a representative sample).
  • Key marketing metrics, eg CLTV and ROI/ROMI.
  • Communicating the numbers - tips and tricks, traps to avoid.

Delivery style
A mixture of slides, demos and discussion, with lots of 'hands-on' exercises and mini workshops geared to putting theory into practice and using IT/software (Excel® specifically). Emphasis on application!

1 Day


This is a QA approved partner course

Delivery Method

Delivery method


Face-to-face learning in the comfort of our quality nationwide centres, with free refreshments and Wi-Fi.

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