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Course code TP273
Duration 2 Days

Planning, building and applying the brand to meet both existing and emerging customer needs and wants is an essential marketing skill in today's competitive and commoditised market. This course examines best practice in brand management. By understanding and applying the brand's equity, together with robust brand planning, companies can unlock marketing and competitive edge.

Benefits to you and your company
Organisations will benefit from the improved leverage of their brands, from insights into world class brand building techniques and from stronger, sharper brand plans that align to business and communication objectives.

Who should attend?
Suitable for managers looking to hone or develop their skills in brand management. Brand managers and assistant brand managers in consumer goods markets and managers with responsibility for product or service based brands - including business market will all benefit. Course content is appropriate to both consumer and business markets with appropriate case studies used depending on the group.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Understand laddering of benefits and anatomy of brands.
  • Undertake robust brand audit and apply to strategy.
  • Explain and manage brand architecture within a portfolio using key tools.
  • Construct powerful positioning strategy.
  • Alignment of customer, brand and business objectives.
  • Components of an effective brand plan document.
  • Alignment of brand and customer strategies through a well-planned marketing mix.
  • Use measurements that demonstrate success and health of your brand and support the business case.


What are the main subjects they will cover on the course?

  • Building and managing brand equity.
  • Understanding different brand leverage points - rational, emotional, values, personality.
  • The importance and role of 'story-telling' and having a brand point of view to champion.
  • Brand audit and growth planning.
  • Developing a strong brand plan.
  • ositioning strategy.
  • Building multi-channel brand assets.
  • Brand activation.
  • Identifying and applying suitable measures to monitor brand performance and ensure progress and success.

Delivery style

  • Highly interactive throughout - fun and motivating.
  • Exercises that enable learning by doing, using classic and powerful brand development and delivery tools.
  • Tools and templates used throughout as an enabler to provide and stretch thinking, to make the day job easier and to build strategic competence and confidence.
  • Varied - features blend of seminar, case study, breakouts and workshop elements.

2 Days


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Delivery Method

Delivery method


Face-to-face learning in the comfort of our quality nationwide centres, with free refreshments and Wi-Fi.

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