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Course type Premium
Course code TTFEP
Duration 2 Days

The power and opportunity we are given every time we present to a group of people is enormous. Whether we are required to brief a team meeting, present at a company conference or deliver a presentation to a client, we need to conquer our fear and overcome our nerves to make sure we get the right message across to our audience.

This course provides a structured approach to designing and delivering a presentation and focuses on building confidence through preparation, practice and feedback.

Benefits to the delegate

  • Learn how to set outcomes, plan and structure
    a presentation
  • Learn how to engage the audience throughout
  • Learn how to handle challenging questions
  • Receive developmental feedback on the delivery
    of a presentation
  • Learn in a size-restricted group of up to
    six delegates
  • Achieve a professional qualification in effective presentations to professionalise
    your role

Benefits to the organisation

  • Makes presentations enjoyable to the audience, increasing retention and application
  • Raises the standard of internal or external communication by clear and memorable content
  • Enables a positive climate for presentations that engage an audience
  • Consistent presentations delivered to a best-practice methodology

TAP Certifications

Due to their unique range and scope, TAP Qualifications provide individuals and organisations with a means to develop a career pathway based on achieving Certification of Learning and Development skills.

Prerequisites and audience

Anyone wishing to make their presentations more stimulating, engaging and motivational will benefit from attending this course.

Course objectives and assessment

Delegates deliver a presentation to the group in a style which meets the criteria of the Presentation Structure and Style Profiles.

Leading to the TAP Certificate in Engaging Presentations

Competencies delegates will develop

1. Preparing for a presentation

  • Analysing audience characteristics
  • Preparing the environment and appropriate presenter and audience materials
  • Creating visual aids to support content and audience
  • Matching the outcome of the presentation with the steps that will be taken as a result

2. Structuring the presentation

  • Stating a clear purpose and outcome
  • Encouraging interest by establishing the relevance and/or benefits of the presentation
  • Setting a ‘route-map’ for the presentation
  • Linking content to the established purpose and outcome
  • Delivering content logically, highlighting key points and signposts along the way
  • Reviewing the content by summarising key points and stating the conclusion
  • Requesting and/or confirming the steps that will be taken as a result of the presentation

3. Presenting with style

  • Using positive body language to create a friendly and relaxed environment
  • Injecting enthusiasm through the use of positive language and voice modulation
  • Using visual aids to create impact and support discussion points
  • Managing the presentation efficiently

4. Involving the audience

  • Using questions and instructions to encourage the audience to think
  • Establishing and maintaining credibility
  • Handling questions effectively
  • Controlling the audience effectively
Premium Course

2 Days

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