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Tailored learning programmes

Organisations invest in training to achieve specific goals. Training will only deliver the desired results if it is designed with both business goals and 'people factors' in mind.

Your organisation, your training solution


Whether you need to train people on an in-house application, bring new staff through an induction programme, implement best practice in business processes, or undertake a transformational management programme, training will only deliver the desired results if it is designed with both business goals and 'people factors' in mind.

QA's bespoke and blended learning programmes are individually developed to match each organisation's specific requirements. The learning programme's development will follow defined milestones that are aligned to agreed timescales. Each phase of the training programme will have clear deliverables - and the whole programme is project-managed against an agreed budget, deadline and quality standards.

An end-to-end service that delivers results


QA's highly structured training methodology encompasses all of the project's activities, from the initial diagnostic phase (allowing us to fully understand the business and human needs) through to the post-implementation processes (which demonstrate the programme's impact and benefits).

Benefits of this service:

  • Learning solutions are focused on achieving your specific objectives
  • Potential barriers to success are identified early through the assessment phase
  • Development is pinned to specific milestones
  • A blended use of the most suitable training media delivers the most engaging and cost-effective solution
  • Each phase has clear deliverables
  • The whole process is project-managed within an agreed budget, timescales and quality standards

A blended approach to learning


Different learning media deliver different benefits. For example, classroom training typically provides a more immersive experience, but by its nature requires people to travel or take time away from work. eLearning enables learning to take place at any time or place, but requires greater management and motivation of learners. QA takes the best of each and every available learning medium and combines these into a single, seamless learning programme that exploits the best of each approach.

A QA blended learning programme might include:

  • classroom training
  • coaching or 'floor-walking'
  • eLearning
  • lectures
  • self-paced training
  • support
  • workshops

Our expertise is your advantage


QA's training programme designers can draw on an exceptionally wide range of subject-matter expertise from QA's topic experts, from associates within our global partner network, and from our relationships with higher education institutions and professional bodies. All of these sources can be combined and coordinated to deliver training solutions ranging from single-subject courses to comprehensive blended learning programmes covering a range of competencies.

For more information, email QA's Learning Services.

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