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3D simulations

Using 3D for visualisation and procedural training can reduce training time by 60%. At QA we have developed specialist capability in 3D modelling, utilising a world-leading procedural training platform.

A new dimension in learning


Using 3D for visualisation and procedural training has been shown to reduce training time by 60%.

QA has developed specialist capability in 3D modelling and utilises the world-leading procedural training platform by NGRAIN to build client solutions across aerospace, manufacturing and energy sectors where training is mission critical and traditional approaches are costly.

Visualise from every angle

By modelling your equipment in a fully 3D environment and working with your subject matter experts to capture procedures, we can create engaging step-by-step animations. These can then be deployed as training or performance support.

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Augmenting reality

QA has partnered with NGRAIN to build and deploy leading-edge 3D training solutions that now include mobile augmented reality to overlay procedural training and reference on top of the actual equipment in the field using tablet PCs.

Engaging visuals

3D product visualisation can bring life to communications and training programmes for sales and consumers. Our 3D artists can work with your creative team to produce stunning visuals of products or equipment.

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