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Certification roll-outs

Developing skills in IT is important, but is there evidence to support a solid investment case in further IT certification?

Why does certification matter?


IT is one of the fastest-changing professions on the planet. The practical knowledge it takes to do most IT jobs is wiped away and replaced at a breathtaking pace, putting high pressure on IT workers to keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date.

Certification is an effective measure of how well people can work with specific technologies, hardware and software:

  • Increased credibility of individuals and team
  • Improved customer service to internal and external customers
  • Better qualified to manage complex issues and projects
  • Higher productivity to better manage costs

Proving the benefits


Research from IDC has shown that organisations with greater concentrations of certified IT staff have the following benefits:

  • 10% more frequent deployment of server and application capabilities on time and budget
  • 20% lower unscheduled downtime
  • 20% less spent on support costs for network management
  • 30% less spent on external support got network security activities
  • 40% more support calls handled per person

Furthermore IDC also shows the percentage of relevant certifications a team holds is a reliable measure of an IT team's functional capability.

it cert graph

IDC research shows a direct relationship between higher levels of certification and improved performance - when team skills improve, organisational performance increases proportionally.


Impact of Training on Network Administration

How can QA help?


We provide IT certification to largest number and widest range of organisations in the UK.

The most complete range of IT certification is available, including:

  • Microsoft MCTS & MCTIP: the bedrock of business IT
  • Cisco CCNA & CCNP: vital networking skills
  • Oracle OCP: supporting business critical data
  • Vmware VCP and Citrix CCAA: core virtualisation and Cloud technology

Certification assessment services


We can help you effectively target your IT certification and align this to IT and overall business goals:

  • Benchmark certifications to roles and job families
  • Build a technical competency framework spanning multiple vendors and industry standard certifications
  • Develop technical career paths aligned to certification

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