Following the announcement at Microsoft Ignite of changes to the M365 and Azure curriculums (read more about them here), QA introduced a number of new MOC courses to our Azure offering.

Firstly, we have the all new, fully released, Microsoft Official Curriculum courses. These cover Infrastructure (AZ-100, 101), Dev (200, 201) & Architecture (300, 301).The old 20532, 20533 & 20535 are retired as of the 31st of Dec 2018.

The Azure Fundamentals course (M10979) has been updated and the new version has been renamed ‘Introduction to Microsoft Azure for IT Professionals’. This is also aligned to a new exam, ‘Azure Fundamentals’. The exam, which is available from 1st January 2019, targets foundation knowledge of Azure Cloud Services and is a great starting point on the Azure learning Journey. So, get your studying head on and roll on down to your local testing centre.

We're also visited by a new Beta exam, the AZ-400. This is to be the beginning of Microsoft’s DevOps offering so, watch this space.

On the subject of the new AZ-x0x courses we also have a new style of delivery for you.

Whereas before you would have experienced a classroom in the format of ‘Introduction, subject matter via slides, instructor demos and then bullet point exercises done individually’. We now have an exciting Workshop style delivery. This is a much more inclusive and hands-on learning experience whereby we build the course around the subject content and end the course with an Azure environment you can show off back at work after the event.

So here we have a great Azure start to 2019 and hopefully some really cool updates to the curriculum to come too.

Have a good year all.


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