So, you have been on the GDPR practitioner courses, you know your Article 15 from your Article 32, you’ve assigned a Data Protection Officer, and yet you still feel like one of the 60% companies that say they are not ready for 25th May 2018.*

That may be because while you understand GDPR, you may be unsure how to put it in to practice and ensure the way you use your IT systems complies with new regulations.

To help with this, QA have developed a series of QA Authored courses. These three Microsoft hands-on technical courses look at how Microsoft Cloud Technologies, Azure, Office 365and Dynamics can help implement tangible solutions to your GDPR and other compliance requirements.

Designed in conjunction with GDPR and compliance industry experts, these courses focus on the ways in which you can implement specific solutions within each Technology for different article requirements. They cover Microsoft’s four step process with a focus on GDPR, ISO 27001 and NIST standards with practical hands-on-labs included. There is specific focus on:

  • Discovery of Personal Data
  • Manage the Processing of Personal Data
  • Protecting Personal Data through authentication, authorization and access control
  • Reporting of Processing of Personal Data


These are hands on courses, filled with labs to reinforce the learning of how to implement a solution to your GDPR strategy.

The courses are aimed at anyone who wants to know what the next stage is of compliance, moving from design and strategy to implementation and reality.


View our outlines and book online:

GDPR, Governance, Security and Compliance on Azure Infrastructure

GDPR, Governance, Security and Compliance in Office 365

GDPR, Governance, Security and Compliance in Microsoft Dynamics Online



About the author

Phil joined QA 10 years ago following many years of consultancy for a variety of Microsoft Product deployments worldwide. He has significant experience with SharePoint, Exchange and Office 365 in real-world deployments and brings that knowledge to his training. Phil has also written courses on Exchange and SharePoint Hybrid. More recently Phil has been immersed in using Office 365 for implementation of GDPR and compliance governance within organisations. Areas of expertise: Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, Windows Server, Active Directory, Compliance and Client Deployments.

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