Do you know what level of maturity your organisation is in terms of its use of its processes?

What about the collective capability maturity levels of your best assets – your people?


Funny how getting agreement to spend millions on technology and projects because of the benefit they will (possibly) deliver seems easier than getting a few hundred signed off for an individual’s training (just in case they leave).

People are what make an organisation great and yet attention is often focussed on tools and processes rather than the key people component. How do you measure your staff? How do you identify what good looks like and how do you close the gap between good and current levels of staff competencies?

Providing staff with training without context is often the reason for failed initiatives. Whenever change is afoot people are affected by it in different ways. Some take to it easily; others feel threatened or even do anything they can to prevent it from happening.

Understand your key resource – your people. What are they good at, where do they need help, is there an area that they would like to develop. Do they have certifications that expire? What about career progression, succession planning?

This is where Learning Consultancy can help by being able to stand back and provide an objective view and review of the existing situation and then apply current best practice thinking to drive improvements whilst taking account of your company’s culture and people.

We have a comprehensive competency assessment service which allows scalable introduction and management of staff careers paths, certifications, and competency assessments.

We are also able to develop bespoke or slightly adapted existing training material in multiple delivery formats, including digital, classroom, and even simulations to benefit team building and interactions without the need to be product or subject specific.

We will help your staff think about situations in different ways.


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QA helps individuals and organisations achieve their potential through world-class Learning Strategy and Solutions. This includes: training and certification, innovative Talent Solutionsthat solve both business critical skills and capability gaps, Business Transformation solutions, enabling change and transformation through engagement and education of workforces, and Managed Learning Services. In addition, QA provides consultancy, apprenticeships and post graduate degrees on a range of technical, business and leadership subjects. With over 22 UK training centres – including Apprenticeships, Consulting and Cyber Academies – and a range of online learning options, QA offers an unparalleled set of learning solutions to both private and public sector organisations.

About the author

Andy has over 30 years’ experience in the IT industry including roles in development and operations. This provides a sound foundation to assist organisations in understanding the cultural and procedural issues necessary for continual improvements and cultural changes. He has been involved in and delivered a number of organisational change programmes and instrumental in the development of QA’s on-line academy that utilises multiple different delivery mechanisms.

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