The continuing wave of data breaches and malware infections clearly demonstrates that cyber security awareness and employee engagement need to continually innovate. Welcome to the new era in cyber security awareness - Hacker Girl! - an innovative solution; engaging, relevant and topical issues addressed through illustrated story-telling and a precursor to gamification.

Foundation and Premium solutions are also available:

This Cyber Security Awareness Solution includes:

Twelve five-minute video episodes:

  1. Phishing and you
  2. Risky Wi-Fi
  3. The Internet of Things
  4. Data Breaches
  5. Ransomware & Spyware
  6. Denial of Service
  7. Whistleblowing
  8. Online fraud
  9. Big Data & Data Privacy
  10. Social Engineering
  11. Dating Apps
  12. Insider Threat

Hacker Girl awareness posters to support each video theme.

Additional Options available to purhase separately:

  • Themed episodes for Secure Development, Sec Ops, Cyber Compliance & Incident Response
  • Tailored narrative, posters, webinars and seminars for your teams and business needs
  • Face-to-face seminars to complement key topics enhancing employee engagement