In April, 15 Tech Specialists became the latest cohort to join our QA Academy to become Certified RPA Associates. Upon graduating from the academy our Tech Specialists have the knowledge and skills and are able to design, execute and automate testing across multiple application platforms using the Studio T tool from the industry leading vendors UiPath and Blue Prism. To ensure RPA Associates remain dynamic and adaptable, knowledge is also transferable to other test tools with all concepts being widely recognised as consistent.

If you looking to implement RPA technologies or are currently using the UiPath or Blue Prism platforms in your business get in touch to discuss how we can provide Blue Prism and UiPath Certified RPA Associates, ready to be rapidly deployed with the knowledge and skills to add immediate value to your business.

Contact us to find out more about our QA Talent solutions and meet our RPA cohort here:

Daryl Atienza

Premal Nayee

Nik Jeewon

David Davenport