1-Day Course

Linked to KSF competencies: C1-L2, C2-L1, C3-L1, C4-L1, C5-L2, G3-L1, G4-L1, G5-L2, G6-L2

Projects cannot be successful without well trained project managers and project support staff all working efficiently and effectively together. This course is specifically designed for people working in project support roles within the NHS.

You should attend if you work, or aspire to work in a project support role and would like to learn practical tools and skills needed to provide effective project support.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course the delegates will be able to:

  • Be a more effective project team member
  • Developed the skills needed to prioritise your workload to serve project needs
  • Clarify the roles and responsibilities of the key people involved in a project
  • Consider your roles and responsibilities as a project member
  • understand planning, scheduling and monitoring tools and techniques
  • Monitor identified risks associated with a project
  • Understand the key issues and skills needed to be a team player


What the course will cover:


What is a Project / What is Project Management in the NHS?

  • What is a project?
  • What is project management?
  • Identifying factors which hinder the success of projects you support
  • Roles and responsibilities of project members and support staff


The roles and responsibilities of the wider project team

  • The project team
  • The sponsor and stakeholders
  • The project manager
  • Project team roles


The skills and competencies of a project team member

  • Risk monitor
  • Reporting, informing and escalating
  • Using and understanding plans and gantt charts
  • Organising project meetings, who needs to be there
  • Version control


Understand the project objectives

  • Understanding the project objectives,
  • Obtaining a clear brief of your objectives and deadlines


Putting it into practice - an implementation exercise

  • NHS case studies


Team dynamics

  • Team formation
  • Team 'roles


Project Implementation and Control

  • Prioritisation
  • Meeting timelines for yourself and other members of the team
  • Tracking deliverables and reporting progress


All courses are delivered onsite by a training team with experience of working in over 50 NHS Trusts, and provide key professional development skills contextualised to fit an NHS environment.

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