4-Day Course

Linked to KSF competencies: C1-L2, C2-L1, C3-L1, C4-L2, C5-L2, G4-L1, G5-L1, G6-L1

Leading a team or working as a supervisor is a challenging and rewarding role, which for many is their first experience of leadership. Whilst challenging and rewarding; it is also something that can be daunting to individuals as they take this role on board, trying to identify the differences between working within the team and assisting in the supervision of the team.

Historically, this type of leadership role has often been overlooked with regards to formal training, leading to poor performance. This is something that proves increasingly challenging for organisations as they strive to do more with less, relying upon the critical role of the team leader or supervisor to achieve this.


Learning Outcomes

This qualification will enable managers to:

  • Define the role that team leaders and line managers in the organisation play and their key responsibilities
  • Utilise feedback and communication techniques to enhance their own performance and that of the team
  • Define key ways that they can support and enhance team motivation and productivity, helping to reduce areas of poor performance
  • Effectively implement techniques to monitor the team's output and improve productivity


Style and Structure

This highly participative four-day programme is designed to use facilitated discussion, presentation, case study, group work and research in order to provide a rich learning experience that can be applied directly in the workplace whilst allowing participants to complete a government-approved qualification.

Typically this programme is run over a three-month period, with sessions held regularly. Additional modules can be added from our extensive portfolio of courses in order to create a programme that meets your needs.


Assessment and Course/Qualification Support

This nationally accredited course, certified by the Institute of Leadership and Management, comprises a series of work- based short-answer papers. Support with assessment and application of learning back in the workplace is included both during and after the programme.


Day 1 - Introducing the programme and M2.01

  • Qualification induction
  • Why do I need to develop my team leadership skills?
  • Qualification overview
  • Overview of modules
  • Course format
  • Assessment process
  • What is team leadership?
  • Key responsibilities of team leadership
  • Levels of responsibility and referring to others in authority


Day 2 - M2.01 Developing yourself as a team leader

  • What is feedback?
  • Identifying Personal Strengths and areas for Improvement
  • Establishing and maintaining trust in the team
  • The importance of trust when leading a team?
  • Understanding performance requirements and how do they benefit the individual and the organisation?
  • Planning personal performance improvement


Day 3 - M2.02 Motivating the work team to perform

  • What is underperformance?
  • What effect does underperformance have on the individual and the team?
  • Causes of underperformance
  • Taking action - providing support and assistance
  • What is motivation?
  • Personalities and behaviour - motivating different people
  • Motivating my own team - putting this into practice


Day 4 - M2.03 Planning and monitoring work

  • My organisation's mission, goals, objectives and strategy
  • Communicating these to the team
  • How do objectives and goals affect the way that we work?
  • Allocation of work in my team
  • Checking progress and ensuring that people know what is required of them
  • Why monitor my team's work?
  • Ways that work is monitored in your organisation
  • Plan, do, review - the business planning cycle
  • Rectifying issues when things don't meet required standards


All courses are delivered onsite by a training team with experience of working in over 50 NHS Trusts, and provide key professional development skills contextualised to fit an NHS environment.

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