Half-Day Course

Performance issues based on personal relationships and team dynamics take huge amounts of resource to solve. It drains managers' time as well as decreasing motivation.

The key to understanding people and conflict is to first understand yourself. This programme explores your preferences for communication when things are going well and when the going get tough.  We will help you to identify how other people react under pressure and how you can communicate effectively with them to create positive outcomes. By using a tool called SDI you will uncover the means to understand your relationships and how to react with others in conflict situations.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the event, the delegates will have explored:

  • Define why some people are so easy (or challenging) to get along with
  • Identify what motivates you and others so that you can plan accordingly
  • Recognise and deal with conflict styles that are different to your own
  • Have an insight into how you and others prefer to work
  • Recognise how you may be seen by others
  • See others' intent not just their behaviour


What the course will cover:

  • Introduction to the SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) Tool.
  • Understand your own motivations when things are going well and recognise how they may differ to others and what implication this may have on your relationship.  Compare differences in the way we behave which relate to our motivations.
  • Understand how our motivations may change when things are not going well and recognise how you might see conflict styles in yourself and others and how behaviours may change.


All courses are delivered onsite by a training team with experience of working in over 50 NHS Trusts, and provide key professional development skills contextualised to fit an NHS environment.

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