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The Cloud Academy platform is the easiest and most effective way to launch an enterprise technology training program at scale. Arm your teams with training material used by the world's leading enterprises, customise plans specific to your teams and track skills across your organisation.

Training library

Give your organization access to the leading library of expert-built, hands-on training content across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, devops, security, big data, serverless, containers, and more.

  • Learning paths: objective-driven learning modules made up of courses, quizzes, hands-on labs, and exams
  • Courses: video-based delivery with through demos, chalk-talks, lectures, and more
  • Quizzes: enable end users to validate what they’re learning on the go
  • Hands-on labs: real-world skill verification in live cloud consoles, 100% managed by our platform. Even behind the firewall
  • Practice exams: proven to help users pass certification tests on AWS, Azure, GCP, and more
  • Web and mobile: digital delivery via top-rated web apps and native iOS and Android mobile apps

Skill assessment

Cloud Academy’s skill assessment & skill profile functionality is the easiest and most accurate way to quantify and visualise digital skills across your enterprise organisation:

  • Skills profile: skill profiles update in real time based on staff performance on quizzes, exams, and hands-on labs
  • Assessment cycles: create assessment cycles to assign exams and gather actionable data about your staff’s skills within a timeframe
  • Adaptive skill assessment: out-of-the-box quizzes and exams iteratively adjust based on performance to assess with a high degree of accuracy
  • Certification practice tests: access to the certification exams that are trusted by the vendors who write the actually tests
  • Role based exams: map skills for digital transformation efforts with Exams built to reflect the roles and skills you need
  • Custom exams and certifications: leverage content engine to launch an internal certification program specific to your department or organisation and its roadmap


Training plans

Create training cycles to build a cadence within your organization for continuous technical improvement. When teams leverage training plans, engagement increases fourfold.

  • Assign training plans: assign out-of-the-box, role-based, or custom learning paths to teams with an expected number of hours per week
  • End user dashboards: end user dashboards update with focused views that guide users to the next step
  • Nudges and notifications: trigger nudge email notifications or configure the platform to automatically keep training on track
  • Automated reporting: weekly progress reports are automatically sent to users, managers, and executive staff
  • Training cycle dashboard: management dashboards provide actionable training cycle data at-a-glance

Content engine

Your architecture, policies, infrastructure, and roadmap are specific to your organisation. The training you deliver should be just as specific. Content engine makes it easy.

  • Customer resources: easily contextualise training for staff with implementation details, policies, and more by adding custom resources (PDFs, videos, documents)
  • Custom learning paths: clone any learning path from our training library or start from scratch to easily build highly relevant training material
  • Customer exams: create onboarding exams to support upcoming projects or go big and launch an internal certification program
  • Custom hands-on labs: build bespoke hands-on labs training environments to and verify skills as they your architecture
  • Custom categories and permissions: categorise training content by department, role, or initiative and control who sees what across your organisation

Analytics and reporting

Your people and their skills are your most important assets. Cloud Academy's platform was built with enterprise measurement and reporting in mind.

  • Rich consumption metrics: Track granular metrics like time spent, last exam score, activities started, and activities completed for courses, quizzes, labs, exams, and learning path
  • Compare and trend: drill down to a specific timeframe and compare effort across organisations, teams, and individuals
  • Leaderboard: create friendly competition across teams with individual- and team-based leaderboards
  • Export to CSV & XLSX: export all the information your Learning & Development department needs to CSV and Excel

Control center

The reliability, security, and flexibility that you should expect in a platform built by the experts in cloud computing. Trusted by leading enterprise organisations worldwide.

  • Single-sign on: integrate via SAML and your identity management platform to add your staff to teams automatically
  • Role based access control: granular read/write permissions cover content contributors and consumers
  • Branded employee portal: upload your corporate logo to brand your the Cloud Academy experience for teams
  • Integration APIs: unlimited access to Cloud Academy APIs. Easily integrate with HCM systems like workday and success factors
  • Team management: dedicated reporting, metrics, and manager-level visibility. Assign custom learning paths by team in a training cycle


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