Blended Learning

We offer a range of blended learning courses that combine classroom learning sessions with e-learning modules that can be accessed any time, anywhere and on any device.

How Blended Learning works

QA blended learning courses use a combination of classroom sessions and e-learning modules. Find out more about these delivery methods by clicking on the cards on the right.


Digital training programmes that can be accessed any time, on any device.

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Training led by an experienced learning professional in a QA centre.

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Benefits of Blended Learning from QA

QA delivers blended learning programmes that
ensure new learning and skills stick
Access to experts

Receive full support from our learning professionals for the duration of your course.


Access your training from home, the office, or anywhere with internet access.


Save money on training and expenses like transport, hotels, meals and childcare.


Our technology makes our online courses the same high quality as our classroom training.


Reduce time out of the office and time spent travelling to and from training centres.

Tailored programmes whatever the scale

We work with organisations to develop and deliver world-class learning programmes that have a lasting impact on your people.

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