Attend from Anywhere Plus

AfA Plus allows learners to combine world-class classroom training in a state-of-the-art QA centre with the comfort and convenience of remote learning.

How AfA Plus works

AfA Plus allows learners to come to the classroom for the first part of their course before attending remotely for the rest of the week. You can get all the benefits of award-winning classroom training from our great training locations, including meeting the learning professional in person at the beginning of the event, and then attend the rest of the course from the comfort of your home or office.

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Attend from Anywhere Plus

Benefits of Attend from Anywhere

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Access to experts

Receive full support from our learning professionals for the duration of your course.


Access your training from home, the office, or anywhere with internet access.


Save money on training and expenses like transport, hotels, meals and childcare.


Our technology makes our online courses the same high quality as our classroom training.


Reduce time out of the office and time spent travelling to and from training centres.

What equipment do I need for a QA Attend from Anywhere course?

You will need an internet-connected computer and a USB headset with an in-built mic to interact with the learning professional. Two monitors are recommended; one to stream the video from the classroom and the other to display the interactive interface. For technical courses and courses with lab work an additional screen is required.

How reliable are QA Attend from Anywhere courses?

We use leading Cisco technology and our classrooms are specifically optimised to improve sound quality for remote attendees. We also offer a pre-test so you can test everything is working before the course starts.

How are remote attendees made to feel included?

Our learning professionals are specially trained on how to interact with remote attendees and our technology allows them to take over remote PCs. Our remote labs ensure all participants can take part in hands-on class exercises wherever they are.

What makes QA Attend from Anywhere courses cost effective?

Our technology makes our Attend from Anywhere courses the same high-quality experience as our classroom training, so we do not price them differently. However, organisations and individuals do make significant financial savings by booking this type of course when associated costs (such as travel, expenses, hotels, food and childcare) are factored in.

What our customers have to say

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"Very impressed with the Attend from Anywhere course style, the trainer keep us engaged as if we were in the class."

May 2018

"Great remote experience, feels like you're in the classroom with the other attendees. Well-structured course and incredibly thorough & friendly trainer."

July 2018

"The quality of the trainer and the technology available to attend remotely would be my two core highlights that I would recommend to my colleagues."

August 2018

"Slick Attend from Anywhere environment."

June 2018

"Everything worked well – I wasn't in anyway disadvantaged by not being 'on location'."

Terry Tysoe | Bedfordshire Police

"It was easy to communicate with the trainer – we used the e-remote or just unpressed mute."

Leslie Butler | Yorkshire Bank

"I would highly recommend – I want all my training delivered in this way from now on."

Bill Kirby | Ageas

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