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Tech type Specialist
Course code QAEX10VBAA
Duration 2 Days
Special Notices

Please note: this course is due for retirement in January 2017. For dates after January please see course QAVBAADVC Microsoft Office - VBA Advanced

You use Excel 2010 to work with data and need to improve the processes involved. This course looks at how you can work directly with Excel 2010 and its components to manipulate the application to help you work with your data.

Target Audience:

Experienced Excel 2010 users who work with data and need to create tools and solutions in Excel 2010 to manage and present information.


  • Delegates should have attended the www.qa.com/QAVBA10INT course or have equivalent VBA knowledge
  • Experience of recording and writing simple macros
  • Please note this course is not suitable for Excel 2010 users who have no VBA knowledge

Delegates will learn how to

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Work with Excel 2010 components using VBA
  • Manipulate and present data in Excel 2010 using VBA
  • Work with files and folders in Excel 2010 using VBA


Lesson 1: Excel 2010 Object Model

  • The Excel Component Object Model
  • Using Methods and Events
  • Object Variables and Binding
  • Creating User Defined Types and Classes

Lesson 2: Working with the Range Object

  • Range Objects Defined
  • Referencing Ranges using VBA
  • Dynamic Range Handling
  • Copying or Moving Range Data
  • Creating Array Variables

Lesson 3: Working With Data in Excel

  • Importing Data into Excel
  • Data Types and Formatting
  • Validating Data
  • Filtering and Sorting Data with VBA
  • Using Database Functions
  • Excel Tables

Lesson 4: Presenting Data in Excel

  • Apply Conditional Formatting with VBA
  • Working with Charts
  • Pivot Tables

Lesson 5: Working with the Excel Interface

  • Working with Page and Print Options
  • Controlling Visual Elements of a Workbook
  • Workbook Sharing and Track Changes
  • Workbook Security using VBA

Lesson 6: Managing Files and Folders from Excel

  • FileSystemObject
  • Managing Folders from Excel
  • File Management Tasks using Excel
  • Working with File Properties and Attributes from Excel
  • Reading a Text File from Excel
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2 Days

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