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Cyber Security training

The most comprehensive Cyber Security portfolio in the market for the whole of your organisation, from end users to Exec Boards as well as advanced programmes for security professionals and cyber specialists.

Cyber Security courses

With over 75 public cyber courses, from the QA 10 cyber domains, we offer cyber certifications, cyber assurance and cyber defence training for the whole organisation. In a supportive, hands-on learning environment, our public, private and bespoke training courses meet the needs of individuals, employers and enterprise.

Cyber Awareness

Cyber Awareness

Cyber Security training courses for staff of all levels.

HMG Information Assurance

HMG Info Assurance

For government information security practitioners.

Cyber Compliance

Cyber Compliance

For those required to maintain regulatory security standards.

Cyber Security Operations

Cyber Security Ops

For those working in security management & operational roles.

Cyber Incident Response

Cyber Incident Response

For those responsible for crisis management & communications.

Cyber Secure Developer

Cyber Secure Developer

For security project managers, software developers & test teams.

Cyber Intelligence

Cyber Intelligence

For security professionals, IT risk management & government.

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

For security professionals, law enforcement & government.

Cyber Offensive Defence

Cyber Offensive Defence

For defending IT networks, applications & infrastructure.

Capture the Flag

Cyber Games

Challenges for 'Cyber Defenders' from foundation to advanced.

Cyber Security spotlight

View our latest and most popular cyber security training courses.

Advanced Infrastructure Hacking
The Art of Hacking

Learn about the techniques used to compromise the security of the web and infrastructure.

The Dark Web

A unique course ideal for those requiring intelligence or evidence from the Dark Web.

Advanced Infrastructure Hacking
CyberSec First Responder

Learn how to monitor and detect security incidents in information systems and networks.


A detailed look at information security concepts and industry best practices.

Cyber Security brochures

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Cyber Security statistics


of large businesses have suffered a cyber breach in the past year

of businesses with unclear security policies had staff-related breaches

of the worst security breaches in 2014 were caused by staff

£600k - £1.15m is the cost of a large business' worst annual cyber attack

Cyber Security blogs

Read the latest blogs from our cyber security experts.

cyber security training

It’s not just an IT problem but who should be responsible for Information Security?

Cyber Security, has traditionally been the responsibility of the IT department. However, as the threats have become more sophisticated it makes sense to include other parts of the business. Read the full article


TalkTalk Hack

Now the dust has settled from the TalkTalk hack, what can be learnt to help other companies prevent a similar situation? Read the full article

A day in the life of an Ethical Hacker

A day in the life of an Ethical Hacker

What does an ethical hacker do? It’s a vocation that is ever-changing, so you need to stay ahead of the game at all times. Read the full article


TalkTalk hit again with cyber attack

Last week’s cyber attack on TalkTalk underlines the fact that cyber crime is a clear and present danger to all businesses. Read the full article


Staying safe online

We have to accept that we will never be 100% safe whilst online, but we can take many steps to limit our exposure to others. Read the full article


Introducing Security Operations on AWS course

This is the fifth blog post in a series about AWS. During this part of the series I'll discuss the latest AWS course, Security Operations on AWS. Read the full article

Ashley Madison

Lessons from the Ashley Madison hack

This episode shows the power that a motivated and advanced hacker group can have over the future of a company. No matter what happens to Ashley Madison, there will be even bigger hacks in the future exposing more user data. Read the full article


The ideal IT Security Analyst

Interested in what a job as a IT Security Analyst entails? Or what key skills a good candidate will hold? Take a look at what makes the ideal IT Security Analyst and the processes an organisation should adhere to. Read the full article


Open Source Intelligence Techniques and the Dark Web

We all know and use the surface web, but did you know that this is only 4% of the internet itself? This blog discusses what businesses should be doing to minimize Cyber Security threats through the Dark Web. Read the full article


The ideal Chief Information Security Officer

Interested in what a job as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) entails? Or what key skills a good candidate will hold? Take a look at what makes the ideal CISO and the processes an organisation should adhere to. Read the full article


The human element of cyber security

Key thoughts and findings from my two days at 'The Cyber Security Show 2015' in London. Read the full article

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