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Cyber Security statistics


of large businesses have suffered a cyber breach in the past year

of businesses with unclear security policies had staff-related breaches

of the worst security breaches in 2014 were caused by staff

£600k - £1.15m is the cost of a large business' worst annual cyber attack

Importance of staff training

Raise the security maturity of your organisation through specialist cyber training. Improve your ability to detect, deter & defend your organisation from the increasing cyber threat landscape.

Educating employees will reduce the chances of your business becoming a victim of today's cyber threats.

As we look at these security incidents in detail, we can identify one common factor - the human element. In almost all reported security incidents, the actions - either intentional or accidental - by staff in the compromised organisations led to a security breach. Security reports and surveys continue to show how the human element is a major contributor in successful cyber attacks.

At QA, we are passionate about security training. We want to demonstrate the importance of educating security professionals and business users to help everyone detect, deter and defend against the cyber threats that every business faces through a supportive, hands-on learning environment.

Cyber Security blogs

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cyber security training

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