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QA partners with the British Bankers Association to deliver their first ever Cyber Security in Financial Services Workshop

QA and BBA are helping delegates understand Cyber Threats within the Financial Services industry.

8 October 2014

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QA and BBA are helping delegates understand Cyber Threats within the Financial Services industry

The cyber threat is never far from the news but, few people can explain what the threat is, know whether they are at risk or, know how to reduce the associated risks to themselves and/or their organisation.

This one-day foundation-level workshop will present the essential tools and techniques needed to identify threats and the remedial action needed to mitigate them. Delegates will learn how to take positive steps to reduce the risks associated with becoming a casualty of cyber threats.

The workshop has been designed with a non-technical audience in mind and the Trainer uses a mixture of presentations, demonstrations and group exercises to achieve learning outcomes.

Delegates will be providing an understanding of:

•  Why you should care about the cyber threats?
•  What the cyber threats are, where they come from, and who is behind them?
•  What will increase the probability and how to reduce the risks of being a victim of cyber attacks?
•  Where to go for help and advice, and where and whom to report cyber crime?

When: Thursday 13th November                        

Pinners Hall
105-108 Old Broad Street

BBA Member fee
£500(Ex. VAT)
£600.00 (Inc. VAT)
BBA Non-Member fee
£625(Ex. VAT)
£750.00 (Inc. VAT)

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Robert Moss
QA Learning
+44 (0) 1753 898 491

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