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Canvas - your virtual learning environment

The platform will be your new home for pre/post coursework, resources, reading, building your portfolio and your 20% calculator.
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Listening to your feedback is at the heart of our plan to provide continuous improvements. We want to go beyond the standard service and ensure every customer feels valued, motivated and fulfilled through their contact with QA. This section gives a brief insight into the action we are taking following your feedback.

Thank you for your feedback so far and remember we want to be so good that all our customers would recommend QA to a colleague or friend!

Your feedback - Our action...

The amount of emails received at the beginning of programme are confusing

We have now consolidated individual course bookings emails at the start of programme into one clear email showing the confirmed training schedule to date.

There is limited information on what to expect from the Programme Launch meeting

We have created a ‘Programme Launch agenda’ (previously known as the ‘Induction Agenda’) which is sent with all programme launch invites providing an overview of activities which will take place and guidance around any pre-tasks required.

Canvas is difficult to navigate

We have now included user guide videos on the Programme Launch agenda and embedded in the Learner portal for easy access to Canvas guidance.

If you experience any difficulties with Canvas please contact

It is not always clear where to go for information on the apprenticeship programme

We have created and will be launching very soon, an easily accessible Learner Portal. This will include Programme information, Canvas gides, FAQ's and Learner services information.

You’d like QA to hear your views as a learner

In addition to regular evaluations and learner feedback days, we have made it a priority to ensure that we are calling learners to gain further feedback around their experience with QA. The information gathered then actively feeds into our business information.

Line Managers would benefit from more information on the apprenticeship programme

We have launched a new and updated Line Managers Guide which will hold all the relevant information your Line Managers needs to facilitate a positive learning.

Proud to be a QA Alumni

QA learners go on to do amazing things in the tech and business space. Our alumni community is all about celebrating that. We host regular events and provide a supportive circle to forge connections. There’s some pretty cool alumni merch up for grabs too.

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