What’s the job like?

You’ll get things done on time and on budget. Needless to say, you will LOVE being organised – and be great at it too.

Projects could be big or small – but you’ll know what needs to be done to meet your goal. How long it’ll take. How much it will cost. Who needs to do what.

You’ll be a top team player, leader and motivator – working with all sorts of people to get the job done.

And a great communicator – getting your message across clearly, and professionally – so everyone knows what they need to do and when.

Best of all, project managers can work in any industry – so you can take this career just about anywhere

Am I eligible?

You need to:

  • Be aged 18 and over
  • Have an A-Level in any subject
    • or a Level 3 qualification in a similar subject
    • or an existing project management qualification

You must not already have a qualification in a similar subject at the same, or higher level than this apprenticeship.

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