What’s the job like?

This apprenticeship puts organisational and personal performance – front and centre. You’ll become a productive senior leader – who is ethical, professional – and understands the continual challenge of being a flawless manager.

Mirroring what management is really like – no one skill will be taught in isolation. With a traditional MBA, you will find – strategy, operations, finance, HR – all taught sequentially, all taught independently from each other. With this MBA you will find a different approach – fast-moving, and focused on practical, people skills.

Am I eligible?

  • The MBA Primer: you need to complete a 30-hour online course called a primer. You need to pass the primer to start the apprenticeship.
  • 5 years’ experience: you need at least 5 years’ relevant business experience. You must have been in a role involving either managing people or producing tangible business outcomes. You must have written support from your employer, stating that you have senior leadership potential.
  • Second-class honours degree: (at least) from a UK university or a degree of equivalent standard.
    • Holders of graduate-level professional qualifications may also be eligible and are encouraged to apply.
    • If you don’t have a degree or graduate-level qualifications you will be considered if you apply – but you must pass the primer.
  • GCSEs (or equivalent) at grade 3 or above in maths and English – this can be exempted by sitting our English and maths tests.
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