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Why tech skills aren’t just for tech companies – and how you can plug talent gaps to move forward quickly

In this instalment of our tech skills development series, Katie Nykanen, Chief Technology Officer at QA, the UK’s leading technology skills and talent organisation, looks at how organisations across all sectors can look to plug tech talent gaps to keep moving forward at pace. She’ll also share some case histories, showing how some of QA’s clients have done this with impressive results.

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Why tech skills aren’t just for tech companies – and how you can plug talent gaps to move forward quickly

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Case studies & blogs

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Connecting Vodafone to new talent

Learn how Vodafone put an end to a concerning trend and plugged the gap left by the retirement of many of its skilled engineers. The communications giant turned to QA to implement a programme that will allow them to build a pipeline of talent for the future.

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Skilled employees, satisfied customers at BAE

When BAE Systems AI needed to upskill its workforce to meet customer demand for cloud-based solutions, they turned to QA. Many of its customers specifically sought Amazon Web Services (AWS) expertise. BAE had skilled staff, but the division needed more engineering talent to respond to a surge in demand and we were there to help.

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Class Lesson

Casting the women for cyber roles

Historically, it’s been men who have dominated the lead roles in tech. In 2018, the DCMS (Department of Culture, Media and Sport) sought to re-address the balance. Read our detailed report about how QA created a bespoke programme to attract women into cyber security software developer roles and break ‘the glass ceiling’.

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Cognizant man working

Cognizant puts QA to the test

Cognizant is a multinational corporation that provides digital technology, consulting, and operations services. Over 170 technically and business-trained learners have completed their Cognizant training through QA’s academy. Read about how QA offered a winning combination: attracting new hires and developing existing talent.

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