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Tech Type Premium
Code SYMDP0151
Duration 3 Days

The Symantec Data Center Security: Server Advanced 6.0 course is an introduction to implementing and managing a Symantec Data Center Security: Server Advanced 6.0 deployment. The architecture and individual components of the SDCS:SA 6.0 solution are detailed and explained. Agent installation and configuration are taught along with deployment and management of SDCS:SA agents and policies across the enterprise. The course also covers SDCS:SA Policy creation/modification in detail.


This course includes practical hands-on exercises that enable you to test your new skills and begin to use those skills in a working environment.

Target Audience:

This course is for information technology professionals, security professionals, network, system managers and administrators tasked with installing, configuring and maintaining Symantec Data Center Security: Server Advanced.


  • You should have working knowledge of TCP/IP protocols and communications concepts.

  • You must have experience with the Windows and UNIX operating systems in general.

  • A basic understanding of key security disciplines (firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention, policy management, vulnerability assessment, antivirus protection and so on) is required.



  • Course Overview
  • The Classroom Lab Environment
Introduction to Security Risks and Risk
  • Security Risks
  • Security Risk Management
  • Managing and Protecting Systems
  • Corporate Security Policies and Security Assessments
  • Host-Based Computer Security Issues
SDCS:Server Advanced Overview
  • SDCS: Server Advanced Component Overview
  • Policy Types and Platforms
  • Management Console Overview
  • Agent User Interface Overview

DEMO of Management Console

Installation and Deployment
  • Planning the Installation
  • Deploying SDCS:SA for High Availability
  • Scalability
  • Installing the Management Server
  • Installing the Management Console
  • Installing a Windows Agent
  • Installing a UNIX Agent

LAB - Install Manager and Agents

Configuring Assets

  • Asset and Agent Overview
  • Viewing Agents and Assets
  • Managing Agents
  • Managing Agents on Assets
LAB - Create Asset Groups
Examine Agent Interface

Policy Overview
  • Policies Defined
  • Prevention Policy Overview
- Process Sets
- Resource Access
- Policy Options
  • Detection Policy Overview
- IDS Capabilities
- Rules
- Collectors
  • Policy Management Workspace
  • User Interface on Agent
  • Example Use Cases
LAB - Paper Based Scenarios what type of security strategy should be used ?

Detailed Prevention Policies
  • Policy Editor
  • Policy Structure
  • Global Policy Options
  • Service Options
  • Program Options
  • Policy Processing Order
  • Network Rules
  • File Rules
  • Registry Rules
  • Process Sets
  • Predefined Policies
LAB - Deploy Strict policy
Examine Functionality

Advanced Prevention
  • Profiling Applications
  • Customizing Predefined Policies
LAB - Modify Policy Previously Deployed
Re-examine Functionality
  • Preparing for Policy deployment
LAB - Best Practice - Covering Basics
Further Enhance Strict Policy
  • Create Custom Process Set
LAB - Secure an FTP Server
Troubleshoot Policy/pset Assignment Using CLI

Detection Policies

  • Detection Policies Structure
  • Collectors
  • Rules
  • Predefined Detection Policies
  • Creating a Detection Policy Using the Template Policy
LAB - Deploy Baseline Policy
Create Custom Policy

Event Management

  • Events Defined
  • Viewing Events
  • Reports and Queries Overview
  • Creating Queries and Reports
  • Creating Alerts
LAB - View Monitor Types and Search Events
Create Real Time Monitor
Create Queries and Reports
Create Alerts

Agent Management and Troubleshooting

  • Configurations Defined
  • Creating and Editing Configurations
- Common Parameters
- Prevention Settings
- Detection Settings
  • Analyzing Agent Log Files
  • Diagnostic Policies
  • Local Agent Tool - sisipsconfig
LAB - Create Custom Configurations
Implement Bulk Logging
Disable Prevention on Agent Using CLI
Use Diagnostic Policy to Gather Logs
Troubleshoot a Policy

System Management

  • Managing Users and Roles
  • Server Security
  • Viewing and Managing Server Settings
  • Viewing and Managing Database Settings
  • Viewing and Managing Tomcat Settings
LAB - Create a New User
View System Settings

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