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Tech Type Premium
Code SYMAT2999
Duration 5 Days

The Altiris Client Management Suite 7.1 Administration course is designed for professionals tasked with using Altiris Client Management Suite (CMS) to manage the software and hardware in their companies. This five-day, instructor-led, hands-on course teaches delegates how to install, configure, and maintain CMS.

Delegates learn how to use CMS's core processes, including collecting inventory, delivering software, and applying operating system patches. They also learn how to use some reporting features in CMS to track and monitor their environment. Included are supplemental lessons on Altiris Server Management Suite.


This course includes practical exercises and labs using your own network or virtual computers that enable you to test your new skills and begin to transfer them into your working environment.

Target Audience:

This course is for system administrators who will be installing software, taking inventory of computers, or deploying patches to managed computers.


  • You must have working knowledge of Notification Server and have attended the Symantec Management Platform 7.1 Administration course. You must also have a basic understanding and working knowledge of Microsoft Windows (2000, XP, 2003, Vista, and Windows 7).

Delegates will learn how to

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Install and configure the core solutions.
  • Install the core solution plug-ins on managed computers.
  • Gather comprehensive data using the Symantec Management Agent and plug-ins.
  • Set up schedules to automatically deliver packages and tasks to client computers.
  • Analyze gathered data using predefined reports.


Understanding the Client Management Suite

  • Benefits of CMS 7.1
  • What is new in CMS 7.1?
  • Components of CMS
  • Relationship between products
Installing and Configuring Client Management Suite
  • Becoming familiar with installation requirements for Symantec Management Platform
  • Learning about Symantec Installation Manager
  • Installing core components on Windows/Linux/Mac
  • Installing and configuring component plug-ins
Symantec Management Console
  • Accessing the Symantec Management Console
  • Becoming familiar with the Symantec Management Console
  • Customizing the Symantec Management Console Software Management Framework
  • Software Management Framework
  • Components of SMF
  • Populating the software catalog
Overview Inventory Solution
  • Inventory Solution overview
  • Overview of the plug-ins
  • Installing the plug-ins
  • Setting plug-in policies
Managing Inventory with Tasks and Policies
  • Gathering inventory data
  • Creating inventory tasks
  • Creating software inventory policies
  • Using inventory to populate the software catalog
Managing Computers with Custom Inventory
  • Creating a custom inventory task using NS 6 Custom Inventory
  • Creating a custom inventory task
  • Executing an agentless inventory scan
  • Custom data classes
Using Baselines to Manage Computers
  • Overview of Baseline Inventory
  • Creating a File Baseline task
  • Creating a Registry Baseline task
Using Application Metering to Manage Computers
  • Configuring applications to use Application Metering
  • Managing the data from Application Metering
  • Creating and configuring Application Metering policies
  • Harvesting licenses and working with MS Licensing models
Software Delivery
  • Methods to deliver software
  • About Managed Delivery
  • Creating a Managed Delivery policy
  • About Quick Delivery
  • Using the Quick Delivery Wizard
  • Creating and editing Quick Delivery tasks
Managing and Delivering Software with Other Tasks
  • Using Package Delivery
  • Managing Windows Installer applications
  • Managing Virtual applications
Software Portal
  • Overview of the Software Portal
  • Configuring the Software Portal
  • Managing software requests
Patch Management Solution
  • Patch Management overview
  • Understanding how Patch works
  • Upgrading and migrating Patch data
  • Installing the Agent
  • Setting Agent policies
  • Upgrading Agents
  • Reviewing installed updates
Software Bulletins and Updates
  • Using the Patch Remediation Center
  • Staging software bulletins
  • Creating and deploying software update policies
  • Understanding Compliance reports
  • Understanding Remediation reports
  • Understanding Software Bulletin reports
  • Creating Custom reports
  • Client Management Suite troubleshooting tips
  • Troubleshooting plug-ins
  • Tracing logs
Overview of Deployment Solution 7.1 SP1
  • Installing and configuring Deployment Solution
  • About jobs and tasks
  • Creating and deploying images
Server Management Suite
  • Benefits of Server Management Suite
  • Becoming Familiar with Network Discovery
  • Using Credential Manager and Connection Profiles
Monitor Solution
  • Overview of Monitor Solution
  • Components of Monitor Solution
  • Configuring Monitor Solution
  • Monitor policies
  • Tasks and actions
  • Using Monitor rules and metrics
  • Reviewing the data

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5 Days

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