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Code TPIP2001
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The Internet Protocol (IP) lies at the heart of the transformation affecting almost every aspect of telecommunication network operation. This technology is designed to route data packets between data networks in a resilient way. Initially, it became globally significant because of its role as the routing technology in the Internet. However, IP, and many other closely related protocols and technologies, are today being incorporated into structured fixed and mobile telecommunication networks.


This course is technical in nature and students would benefit from some knowledge of the basic operation of packet-switched networks and the Internet. Although the material is aimed primarily at students with a strong technical aptitude, all those with an ability to understand technical subjects will benefit from the Softswitching and VoIP course.

Delegates will learn how to

Supporting VoIP in Fixed and mobile Next Generation Networks Protocols for VoIP Voice quality, quality measurements and quality reports Session Initiation Protocol Session Description Protocol SIP Peer-to-Peer operation SIP architecture User Agent clients and servers Registrar, Proxy and Redirect Servers Back-to-Back User Agents SIP Requests, Responses and Header analysis Demonstrations with analysis of Registration/Authentication and VoIP session-handling procedures ENUM, NAT, STUN and TURN H.248/Megaco


The world of telecoms is changing rapidly. Fixed and mobile network operators are looking to reduce the complexity and operational costs of their networks, while at the same time wanting to expand the services they can offer to their customers. Voice over IP (VoIP) technologyperforms a central role in this activity. This detailed and exciting course takes students through the ways in which VoIP can be used by network operators and subscribers, using practical demonstrations and real-world case studies to reinforce learning. Section 1 discusses the use of VoIP technology by fixed, mobile and enterprise networks, with Section 2 looking at voice quality.

2 Days


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