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Code TPRP2100
Duration 2 Days

The courses in this category cover a broad range of subjects and skills that relate to the principles, planning and design of radio networks and transmission links. The building of radio networks requires significant investment and it is important that they are designed to operate at optimal efficiency.
Even when using advanced software tools to assist in the design process, effective planning of radio networks requires a good understanding of radio principles and of the technology in use. Different radio technologies behave in different ways and these characteristics must be taken into account at the design stage.


  • No prior knowledge of radio principles is required. A technical background or the ability to comprehend technical information is advantageous.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Radio theory Radio wave propagation
  • Antenna theory
  • Considerations for siting antennas
  • Transmission lines
  • Considerations for installing transmission lines
  • Cell dimensioning
  • Cell site selection and positioning
  • Indoor coverage challenges
  • Indoor coverage using repeaters
  • Indoor coverage using base stations
  • Antenna systems for indoor coverage
  • Radio systems interference
  • Multi-site configurations
  • Earthing UK planning issues


  • This course is intended for those involved in radio site acquisition, planning and build, who do not have a strong radio background. The training covers radio theory applicable to the cellular industry and focuses on the practical issues of site build.

2 Days


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Delivery method


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