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Code TPLT1301
Duration 2 Days

This course is designed to provide an end-to-end view of the whole set of signalling messages that support some of the most fundamental LTE network operations, such as: initial attach, PDN Connectivity, EPS Bearer setup, bearer resource allocation, handover and detach. Each procedure is presented in terms of the progression of signalling messages exchanged and each message is explored in detail. The course provides details of messages belonging to the following signalling protocols: RRC NAS S1AP X2AP, GTPv2-C and also the Diameter S6a, S13 and Gx applications.


A basic understanding of LTE network architecture, services and protocols, which can be gained from attending the LTE Engineering Overview (LT3600) and LTE Evolved Packet Core Network (LT3604) courses. An understanding of IP would be beneficial.

Who would benefit
This course is designed for engineers, managers and other personnel who have a need to acquire a technical overview of the total LTE signalling environment (not just signalling in one part of the network) and also those that require an end-to-end view of the management of fundamental LTE procedures.


  • Air Interface Signalling Protocols
  • E-UTRAN Signalling Protocols
  • EPC Signalling Protocols
  • Initial Attach Procedures
  • Idle Mode Procedures
  • S1 Release
  • Tracking Area Update Procedure
  • Service Request Procedure with ISR Enabled
  • Connected Mode Procedures
  • Connection Establishment, Modification and Release
  • Bearer Resource Allocation triggering Dedicated EPS Bearer Establishment
  • Bearer Resource Modification triggering EPS Bearer Modification
  • PDN Connectivity Request
  • Handover Procedures
  • X2-based Handover with Direct Forwarding
  • S1-based Handover with S-GW Change with Indirect Forwarding
  • Inter-System PS Handover to UMTS/HSPA without Forwarding, no S-GW Change
  • Detach Procedures

2 Days


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Delivery method


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