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Code TPLT1302
Duration 1 Day

This course provides a deeper insight into the inner workings of the LTE air interface physical layer to meet the needs of air interface specialists. It offers an opportunity to look more deeply into topics such as OFDMA and SC-FDMA specifically into the use of Fourier Transform methods and the construction and use of the Cyclic Prefix. The use of Zadoff-Chu sequences for some physical layer functions is also discussed, as are topics such as Reference Signals and the construction, administration and use of LTE physical channels.

Who would benefit
This course is designed for RF (Radio Frequency) engineers, radio planners, technical support staff and other specialists who have a need to look further into the LTE Air Interface than is possible with less specialised courses.


A thorough understanding of the basic and more complex principles of the LTE Air Interface is essential and can be gained from attending the Wray Castle LTE Engineering Overview and the LTE Air Interface courses.


  • OFDMA subcarrier orthogonality
  • OFDMA Fourier Transform functions
  • Physical signals and Zadoff-Chu modulation sequences
  • Downlink and Uplink physical carrier configuration
  • Reference Signal generation and functions
  • Downlink physical channels: PBCH PCFICH PHICH PDCCH
  • Downlink concepts: REG, CCE Aggregation Levels, PDCCH Search Spaces
  • PUCCH operation
  • PUCCH resources, Regions, Formats and operation
  • DCI (Downlink Control Information) & UCI (Uplink Control Information) types and functions
  • PRACH resources, Formats, Configurations and operation

1 Day


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