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Course type Specialist
Course code DOL03L2
Duration 1 Day

If you have been using Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 as a communications tool, then you know how to send a mail message; schedule appointments and meetings; and create contacts, tasks, and notes. This course is the second in a series of three Microsoft Outlook courses. It provides you with the necessary skills to customize your Outlook environment, your calendar, and your mail messages so that they meet your specific needs. You will also learn how to track, share, assign, and quickly locate various Outlook items.

Target Audience:

This course is designed for experienced Outlook users who need to learn how to customize their environment, calendar, and mail messages to meet their specific needs and who wish to track, share, assign, and quickly locate various Outlook items.


  • Send and receive email messages
  • Reply to and forward email messages
  • Spell check and add attachments to email
  • Use Word formatting functions
  • Schedule appointments and meetings
  • Add, edit and modify a contact
  • Manage personal tasks
  • Use Notes

Delegates will learn how to

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Customize your environment, calendar, and mail messages to meet your specific needs as well as track, share, assign, and quickly locate various Outlook items.
  • Track work activities using the Outlook Journal.
  • Customize the calendar by setting various calendar options.
  • Modify message options.
  • Make folder information available to other Outlook users.
  • Assign and track tasks.
  • Customize the Outlook environment.
  • Sort, find and colour-code items in your mailbox and calendar.


Lesson 1: Tracking Work Activities Using the Journal

  • Topic 1A: Record a Journal Entry Automatically
  • Topic 1B: Manually Record a Journal Entry
  • Topic 1C: Modify a Journal Entry

Lesson 2: Setting Calendar Options

  • Topic 2A: Set Work Days and Times
  • Topic 2B: Display Other Time Zones
  • Topic 2C: Set Free/Busy Options

Lesson 3: Setting Message Options

  • Topic 3A: Modify Message Settings
  • Topic 3B: Modify Delivery Options
  • Topic 3C: Modify Message Formats
  • Topic 3D: Notify Others that You will be Out of the Office
  • Topic 3E: Create and Modify a Distribution List
  • Topic 3F: Insert a Hyperlink

Lesson 4: Sharing Folder Information

  • Topic 4A: Specify Folder Permissions
  • Topic 4B: Access Another User's Folder
  • Topic 4C: Delegate Access To Folders

Lesson 5: Managing Tasks

  • Topic 5A: Assign a Task
  • Topic 5B: Reply to a Task Request
  • Topic 5C: Send a Task Update
  • Topic 5D: Track Assigned Tasks

Lesson 6: Customizing Outlook

  • Topic 6A: Customize the Toolbar
  • Topic 6B: Create a New Toolbar
  • Topic 6C: Customize the Menu
  • Topic 6D: Create a Folder Home Page

Lesson 7: Locating Outlook Items

  • Topic 7A: Sort Messages Using Multiple Criteria
  • Topic 7B: Find Messages
  • Topic 7C: Find Messages Using Multiple Criteria
  • Topic 7D: Filter Messages
  • Topic 7E: Organize Messages
  • Topic 7F: Manage Junk Email
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