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Course type Premium
Course code TTFADD
Duration 2 Days

This 3 day course gives organisations the opportunity to objectively assess needs analysis, the design of face-to-face and online events and evaluation reports, based upon the TAP methodologies. Following your first 2 days in the classroom, you will review the case study and make recommendations before attending your third day.

This course leads to the TAP Certificate in Assessing Training Design. The Certificate’s one-year expiry date maintains TAP’s quality assurance procedures and ensures that TAP Accreditation remains dynamic and current.

Benefits to the delegate

  • Become pivotal to the role of the L&D function
  • Enhance feedback skills
  • Learn about a set of standards to apply consistent quality
  • Become certified, under a Code of Practice, to assess existing and future learning solutions produced in-house as part of their internal quality processes, or externally as part of their management of outsourced projects

Benefits to the organisation

  • Monitor standards following investment in raining Design and Development
  • Maintain consistency of content
  • Exceed customer expectation
  • Create a culture of feedback
  • Heighten L&D's credibility within the organisation
  • Build trust in the reliability of learning within your organisation

TAP Certification

Due to their unique range and scope, TAP Qualifications provide individuals and organisations with a means to develop a career pathway based on achieving Certification of Learning and Development skills.

Prerequisites and audience

This course is for L&D Professionals who have been designated to carry out regular assessment of in-house or external design as part of their quality assurance or are required to manage outsourced design projects.

  • Delegates are required to hold a TAP Certificate in Training Design and Development issued within the last three years (WWW.QA.COM/TTFTDD)
  • The Organisation must employ a minimum of four L&D personnel holding valid TAP Certification or have made a commitment to a TAP Certification by way of booking relevant under-pinning TAP Certificates

Course objectives and assessment

  • Assess a given needs analysis report and make at least two recommendations for improvement
  • Assess the principles of design for a classroom course and learning module and make at least two recommendations for improvement
  • Assess a given evaluation report and make at least two recommendations for improvement

Competencies delegates will develop

1. Understand the assessing process

  • Assess needs analysis to agreed guidelines
  • Assess the design to agreed guidelines
  • Assess evaluation to agreed guidelines

2. Understand the design process

  • Understand the analysis process in a range of contexts
  • Understand the design process in a range of contexts
  • Understand the evaluation process in a range of contexts

3. Assess the quality of design

  • Analyse the breadth and depth of information, linking it to original requests
  • Interpret data from a variety of sources, judging its relevance, currency and accuracy
  • Judge and critique learning theories in their application
  • Design materials and resources to appeal to a range of audiences, in a variety of formats
  • Judge the use of technology in a L&D setting

4. Assess the design in a range of contexts

  • Apply a flexible yet rigorous approach to the assessment process, taking circumstances into account
  • Engage with organisational goals and understand the contribution that L&D makes

5. Give feedback and agree development plans

  • Understand the importance of feedback
  • Convert evidence into developmental and motivational feedback
  • Use strategies to encourage the designer to reflect on their own output
  • Understand the importance of development plans
  • Agree developmental action plans
  • Review developmental actions undertaken

Next steps : Certificate in Assessing Training Delivery (WWW.QA.COM/TFFATD)

Premium Course

2 Days

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