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Course type Premium
Course code TTFATD
Duration 4 Days

This course gives organisations the opportunity to objectively assess training delivery skills from style, structure and balance perspectives, based upon the TAP methodologies.

This course leads to the TAP Certificate in Assessing TAP Delivery.

The Certificate’s one-year expiry date maintains TAP’s quality assurance procedures and ensures that TAP Accreditation remains dynamic and current. Delegates will be invited to attend an Assessor Verification day.

Benefits to the delegate

  • Explore session structure, style and balance from an Assessor's perspective
  • Learn how to assess with rigour
  • Practise assessing in a controlled and safe environment
  • Become certified to assess trainers as part of the recruitment process, internal trainers as part of the performance management process and external trainers as part of the management of outsourced projects
  • Become certified to re-assess internal trainers whose TAP Certificate in Training Delivery is more than a year old and apply to us for re-issue (admin fee £25)

Benefits to the organisation

  • Align assessing standards with an award-winning organisation
  • Use regular assessments to monitor performance against key performance indicators
  • Access specialist external expertise to enhance your L&D capability
  • Heighten L&D's credibility within the organisation
  • Build trust in the reliability of learning within your organisation

TAP Certificates

Due to their unique range and scope, TAP Qualifications provide individuals and organisations with a means to develop a career pathway based on achieving Certification of Learning and Development skills.

Prerequisites and audience

The course is designed for L&D Professionals who have been designated to carry out regular assessment of inhouse or external trainers as part of their own internal quality assurance procedures.

  • Delegates are required to hold a TAP Certificate in Training Delivery issued within the last three years (www.qa.com/ttfttd5)
  • The Organisation must employ a minimum of six L&D personnel holding valid TAP Certification or have made a commitment to a TAP Certification by way of booking relevant under-pinning TAP Certificate

Course Objectives and Assessment

  • Assess a recorded training session so that the Structure, Style and Activity Profiles have variations in no more than two categories/activities per profile from The Training Foundation’s results 
  • Complete three ‘live’ practice assessments in your workplace to meet the assessing guidelines

Competencies delegates will develop

1. Assess training delivery competences

  • Understand the importance of the assessor role
  • Know how to prepare for an assessment
  • Assess learning interventions to agreed standards

2. Assess the structure of the learning event

  • Understand the importance of a structured intervention
  • Observe and record the structure of the session, ensuring a clear
  • beginning, middle and end which is clearly sign-posed
  • Assess learning objectives for clarity, conciseness and validity

3. Assess the facilitation of a learning event

  • Understand the importance of delivering with style
  • Observe and record trainer delivery style

4. Assess questioning skills

  • Observe and record question techniques used to gain learner interaction
  • Assess the suitability of question techniques

5. Assess a balanced approach

  • Gather evidence to measure trainer interactivity to ensure the session is learner-focussed

6. Assess the use of methods and media

  • Understand how the methods can be effective when appropriately used
  • Understand how the media can be efficient when appropriately used
  • Determine the usefulness of the methods and media incorporated into the session

7. Give feedback and agree development plans

  • Understand the importance of feedback
  • Convert evidence into developmental and motivational feedback
  • Use strategies to encourage the trainer to reflect on their own delivery
  • Understand the importance of development plans
  • Agree developmental action plans
  • Review developmental action undertaken

Next steps : Certificate in Assessing Training Design (WWW.QA.COM/TTFATD)

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4 Days

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