Digital Transformation

Human Capital Journey - Consultancy

Structured consultancy to assess and plan the workforce of the future across the critical skills stacks.

Our Consultancy Road-Map

Your digital transformation journey with QA begins with structured learning consultancy services. Our approach is underpinned by partnership, collaboration and effective communication between your experienced leadership team and our industry experts.

  1. Capability Framework

    We will consult with you to determine the capability framework (such as SFIA) best aligned to your workforce of the future.

  2. Job Roles Definition

    We will consult with you to define the job roles best aligned to your future state and workforce needs.

  3. Design and Map

    We will determine the skills, knowledge and behaviours to be developed for your roles.

  4. Gap Analysis

    We will work with you to benchmark your skills and identify what skills and capability requirements you have.

  5. Solution

    We will output a recommended set of skills and capabilities and execution roadmap that aligns to your organisations business needs.


Our digital transformation experts discuss the Human Capital Journey.



Download our Human Capital Journey brochure.